Please Blizzard, if SN1P-SN4P poses a threat to Wild, don’t take the easy way out with nerfs!

hearthstone 9 - Please Blizzard, if SN1P-SN4P poses a threat to Wild, don't take the easy way out with nerfs!

xhpivoi98b231 - Please Blizzard, if SN1P-SN4P poses a threat to Wild, don't take the easy way out with nerfs!


I love playing mech hunter and many other mech decks in wild and I just made this account to get some attention to the way SN1P-Sn4P might impact that. I already saw on r/wildhearthstone that the combo with Mechwarper and Summoning Portal is not only possible, but might be quite fast, too. So I just wanted to remind Blizzard, that if they see the need to nerf this specific combo, that they don't look for the easy way out by nerfing Mechwarper in the same way like Reckless Experimenter (destroying legitimate aggressive wild decks as collateral damage), but take a nuanced and specific measure. And since I don't just want to be critical, but also constructive, I've made two suggestions which should work.

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Edit 2: So there is a really good and fruitful discussion here, which helped me identifying my central point I was trying to make and I think this could be helpful for anyone who looks at this thread further down the line. My central point is, that nerfs in Wild should be as pin-point as possible. Broad nerfs should only be an ultima ratio. I'm convinced that this aligns with Blizzard's design goal Wild: The ability to come back after a long time and still being able to play your old decks as they were. To reach this goal, card changes should only be made as much as necessary. So how can this be done? By leaving the old design spaces intact and only changing the new freshly designed interactions. Since only these fresh interactions are untested and unconsidered by the design team (Wild cards vs new cards). But most of the time the fact that old cards and their interaction with new cards is not considered does not pose a problem. Only very few are unhealthy and only those interactions should be dealt with. But since the problems are rare and the goal in Wild is keeping old interactions as much intact as possible, future design space can't play a role in those card changes. Wild card changes should only happen with a retrospective mind set. I feel this would be the best way of dealing with Wild problems AND keeping as much of the intended goals of that format intact. I think that this was my (then not fully thought through) mindset, when I made the two alternatives.

(This does not mean that you shouldn't futureproof the interactions if they probably come around again. See the dread steed discussion down below.)

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