Please help us stay in the big family of Hearthstone

hearthstone 3 - Please help us stay in the big family of Hearthstone

Hello, friends of Hearthstone,

I don't know how to describe my current mood, because I may say goodbye to everyone.I am a beta player of Hearthstone, and I have been playing Hearthstone since October 2013. It has been with me for more than six years, and there are countless memories about it. But now my account was wrongly banned a month ago.

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My situation may not be the same as what you have encountered or heard before. I am a Hearthstone player from China, and China's Hearthstone is run by a third-party company called NetEase. On September 12th, I was notified by Netease that my account has been permanently banned due to "in-game data is abnormal."Because I am playing Sn1p-Sn4P Warlock these days, I think it may be because of this. But the number of times I use Sn1p-Sn4P in one turn is about 26 times, never more than 30 times. I have never used third-party software to cheat in the game too.

But you may ask: Why do you ask for help after more than 20 days?Why don't you submit your appeal immediately?

This is really hard to say.Much of this is because NetEase, the third-party company, does nothing to help the player.I have submitted two appeals after I learned that my account was banned.I wrote a long, long article explaining that I didn't cheat in the game. However, they only used 57s for the first time to reject my request, and only 2 minutes for the second time to reject my request.I suspect that they have not read the explanation I wrote, or did not read it at all.I will show evidence below, they are all from the screenshot of Blizzard's official website.

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This is the explanation I wrote.

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This is the time record for the first appeal.Please pay attention to the time interval.

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This is the time record for the second appeal.

In addition, I also contacted their telephone customer service. I hope they provide some information about my account. For example, which game was detected is abnormal. Because I use hsreplay throughout the game, I can show the game video to prove my innocence. But they say this is the internal data of the game and is not available to the player.

However, in mid-September, Blizzard suddenly admitted that their detection mechanism was problematic. Some players who were banned by mistakes were unbanned.But no me.I don't know why.

Since then, I have been speaking on the Chinese network, calling on everyone to pay attention to our unfairly treated group, but with little success.I contacted the media related to Hearthstone, and I also contacted the anchor related to Hearthstone, but no one wants to help us.

I thought, maybe posting on riddit can directly let the designer pay attention. So I sent a private message to the designer at the end of September, but I didn't get any reply. So I am posting now.

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。This is my private letter to the designer

Now I am desperate. I have tried all the ways I can think of to prove my innocence, but it has no effect, and no one wants to believe me.

Except me, I have two friends who have encountered the same situation. In addition to me and my friends, more and more wrong bans are taking place in China. please help us. Thank you.

The above content is written by Google Translate. I don't know your speaking habits and customs. If anything is offensive, please contact me to amend.Due to China's special national conditions, I was unable to reply on reddit in time. If you need to contact me, this is my email: [email protected]>(mailto:[email protected]).

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