Popping packs: the experience

hearthstone 5 - Popping packs: the experience

I've ALWAYS been a guy who loves himself opening come packs. And I've come to enjoy it way more when doing it with some family member who has not, or at least has little, experience with Hearthstone. I call them in, start recording, and ask them to describe any legendary card I may find. Just the art, though.

These are my favorite transcript since I started doing this, around the release of Rise and Shadows, with many packs. Play along! I'm gonna mark as spoiler the parts that gave it away to me the most, so that you may show how much more you know about cards than a peasant like me.

Sister: "So, it's a human-like thing, right? It has some big horns, and it's really purple!"

"Is its name Lucentbark or something along those lines?"

Sister: "No, no, it's not. Let's see.. It seems like his eyes are about to shoot lasers, and has some energy stuff in his hands, like in Dragon Ball or something."


Sister: "And it's wearing red shorts! It doesn't have legs, though.. It's all.. Crystal-y.. And his eyebrows are GIGANTIC!"

"Ooooh, is it Keeper Sta.. Stelladris? Stalladris? Something-is?"


Mom: <laughter> "What the hell am I looking at??"

"Well, I don't know!"

Mom: "Alright, uh.. It's got a gigantic backpack with all kind of.. Pickaxes? I can't tell, I don't have my glasses!"

"No problem, just keep going!"

Mom: "It's got a gigantic axe, that's for sure. It's as big as.. His? Her face? Is that a beard??"

"I don't know, I'm not looking! Is it names Fel Lord something?"


Mom: "No, no, it's a.. Fancy name! And it has a candle on his head!"

"Ohh, is it named Taz Nozwhisky or something?"

"Yes, yes!"

Mom: "Oh, do humans actually exist in this game?? Wow!!"

"Yeah! And, that narrows it up a lot, really!"

Mom: "It has a big machine behind her, and she's spinning a valve or something behind her, with her right hand!"

"Is she handing me something like a beer?"

Mom: "Yes she is!"

"Barista Lynchem!"


Sister: "Oh, this is real easy. It's a big dragon!"

"Oh, there are like, two. What color is it?"

Sister: "Light-blue, with its tail having a little bit of blue fire on it!"


Sister: "You got it!"

And, my favourite:

Sister: "Oh, it's all golden! And it has a snake."

Me, having found the second golden legendary in the span of two months only when she was in the house: "Madame Lazul!"

"Yeah, correct!"

I don't know if it is a bit cringy or not, but sharing these little stories with me and my family here and there makes me happy to have some good family members near me that are actually willing to interact with my interests and hobbies. I hope this was a good read though!

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