Potential 2019 Hall of Fame candidates?

hearthstone 4 - Potential 2019 Hall of Fame candidates?

Here's a couple of mine

Ancient of Lore (Nerf reverted)

One of the most iconic druid cards, but sadly hasn't aged well. It think it's time to retire the old treant out of standard and have him replaced in the future.

Mana Wyrm (nerf reverted)

Even though it's highly unlikely that the wyrm will be moved to HoF, I still think it's the best course of action. This card has been around since the alpha stages in almost all mage decks, so it definitely deserves a spot on the Hall of Fame.


If preparation does move to HoF, (which I think it should do), they need to start printing more efficient control tools for Rogues. I think that preparation is the reason why such tools, such as powerful spells can never be printed. One of the most design space limiting cards in the game.

Stonetusk boar

Another card that limits the design space a whole lot. Not much to say about it…think of Quest Rogue

Arcane Golem (nerf reverted)

One of the least played cards in the entire game, and it sucks to open this rare card from a pack. I think it's time to move him to the wild and give him the ability to charge again!


One the most problematic cards in the entire game, even after the mana nerf a couple of years ago. However, the good old Leeroy is perhaps the most known WoW "character" in the world and I think he definitely deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame, if anyone.

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