Predictions for the “Big 5” in the new expansion

hearthstone 4 - Predictions for the “Big 5” in the new expansion

At the moment it has been confirmed that the fortune teller from the old gods will be one of the larger characters coming into the new expansion, and with the teaser and leaked photo it can be confirmed at this point we will see a return from King Togwaggle as well. With only two characters revealed, it can be a little hard to sense the trend that ties them all together as we know nothing about what Togwaggle and the fortune teller share besides being “bad people”, but if that is all we are to go off on it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to piece things together.

So far a trend that we can see is that they’re both “home brew characters” and were only made for hearthstone, that means we could expect to see characters such as Reno Jackson or Kazakus. Personally if you asked me if I think they fit the theme of “under ground super team” I’d say why not. Reno is an explorer who got kicked out of his guild, and could be looking to find a new crew to help him acquire his artifacts (a sudden heel turn might be out of character, but definitely not out of question). And with Kazakus, he’s one of the more powerful gang leaders from Gadgetzan, and on top of that there is unused art of him
blizzcon 2016 new hearthstone expansion announced 2 - Predictions for the “Big 5” in the new expansion

as a dragon that supposedly they were going to use until they decided to cut the idea, tho it is assumed as canon that he is a dragon due to his flavor text being

“The mysterious leader of the Kabal is NOT a dragon, and does NOT deal in illegal potions. Any public statements to the contrary will be met with litigation and Dragonfire Potions.”


I think if the home brew style trend is to be continued, I would expect them to have the 5th character be a new villain unique to the hearthstone universe with the team then consisting of Fortune Teller, King Togwaggle, Reno Jackson, Kazakus, New guy. There’s definitely a lot of wiggle room with who could be on the team, but with these characters being “beloved” (hated by some players) and more unique to the hearthstone universe on top of the addition to flesh out their characters I think they have some of the stronger chance in seeing a return this expansion. After all it is year of the dragon, perhaps dragon forms of previously hinted characters is something they want to play with this year (Reno with the
reno jackson hs - Predictions for the “Big 5” in the new expansion

Karazhan Pool hint and Kazakus with his flavor text and art)

I’m sure there are some other “home brew” characters that they could decide to play with, but unfortunately I’m not into WoW so I don’t know how many big hearthstone characters don’t actually exist in the WoW universe. Feel free to point out any you think fit, and again I made my decision on hearthstone only characters and to my understanding Dr. Boom and Arch-Theif Raffam exist in the WoW universe, tho could potentially be options on the team as we don’t know if the characters will be hearthstone exclusive plus they have been fleshed out quite a bit through their adventures and cards giving them an edge over others

1 Edit: added link to the Reno Jackson pool image, also the original dragon post which can be found here

2 Edit: added link to Kazakus in dragon form (though it is never stated that IS Kazakus, all other gang leaders can be seen and with the dragon being the same color and bearing tusks it’s a pretty safe bet that that’s him)

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