Priest: What Archetypes do we want?

hearthstone 9 - Priest: What Archetypes do we want?

From the AMA (a few answers all put together):

Not having a board clear in the core set helps Priest’s board clear feel different with each expansion. At some points in time they have Psychic Scream, other times they have Mass Hysteria, other times it’s Plague of Death. It makes Priest feel different from set to set.

If you compare it to Mage, who always has access to Blizzard, Flamestrike, and Frost Nova/Doomsayer, they always have the same board clear tools so their control feels more similar from set to set. It makes printing new and exciting board clears more difficult with Mage as well.

We’ve been talking about Class Identity for some time now; we want classes to feel different to play as and against. Priest is all about building up a board and healing your minions, creating a bunch of big minions to beat your opponent down. If you’re playing against Priest and they have a bunch of minions on the board, it should feel scary. If you’re at ten Health but they don’t have any minions, you should feel pretty safe. However, you should feel scared if you’re at ten Health against a Hunter, even if they don’t have a board of minions. When Priest has access to cards like Mind Blast, it makes it harder to create that plan against a Priest.


The power of individual Priest cards is actually not bad, it’s more that the basic and classic set don’t have a strong archetype direction. One of the clearest identities of Priest in the base set is Divine Spirit, but the mechanics of Divine Spirit can be so frustrating that it’s not something we go out of our way to design towards. Healing is a strong flavor mechanic, but it’s not a great mechanic to build your deck around. Card generation is a fun mechanic, but it doesn’t necessarily lead to winning games on its own. We like leaning into high minion health so Priest can take advantage of their healing potential, but might have to address Divine Spirit in order to realize that goal. Priest archetypes isn’t a totally solved question at this point, but we hope there are some fun decks on the horizon and Priest players will be excited with some of the Uldum cards being revealed over the next month or so.

Basically, the devs still don't know for sure what they want Priest to do. They're thinking of ditching Inner Fire and Divine Spirit, and already ditched Mind Blast. They're toying with the idea of huge health minions as a big mechanic for them. So I'm wondering, what do we want for Priest?

Here are some of the ideas I've seen floating around:

– Resurrection (although this archetype is extremely controversial in the community right now)
– Big Health Minions
– Minion Steal
– Minion Buff
– Healing
– Card generation
– Damage by healing
– Silencing

But we've all kind of seen this before in some way or another (perhaps maybe for damaging by healing).
So I'm wondering, what would you like to see for Priest? Because I don't think anyone truly knows!

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