Quick look on the impact of the next rotation

hearthstone 4 - Quick look on the impact of the next rotation

Now that we have all cards form the year of the Raven available, we can see the impact that the last 3 expansions had in the game compared with the 3 expansions from the year of the Mammoth.

This analysis is for Standard mode only.

I looked into the top 50 cards in decks from HSReplay and summed the totals of each expansion:

Set Number of cards
Classic 23
U'ngoro 5
Frozen Throne 8
Kobolds 9
Witchwood 2
Boomsday 2
Rastakhan 3

As we can see the 3 latest expansions had very low impact overall on the meta.

I believe this is positive for the health of the game, KFT and K&C brought a very high power level to the game, a power level that would not be sustainable on the long run and would make for a terrible game experience in the future. I believe year of the Raven brought some really fun cards to play, but because the power level is lower, they can't be played if you want to win a game.

Classic cards make almost half of the list, but these numbers can be distorted because they are more easily available to newer players.

Looking into the top decks today with the number of cards rotating out:

  • Spell Hunter – 11 cards, including core such as Rhok'delar and Deathstalker Rexxar. Zul'jin will still be great in a midrange variety.

  • Deathrattle Hunter – 15 cards leaving, no more Rexxar, Kathrena, Cube and cheap activators, this deck will be dead.

  • Odd Paladin – 20 cards (!), no more Level Up

  • Zoo Warlock – 11 cards, perhaps no more healing synergy without Happy Ghoul, but the deck will certainly survive.

  • Token Druid – 14 cards, no more Ultimate Infestation and Spreading Plague (thank god). The deck will probably survive because of Wispering Woods + Sould of the Forest

  • Toggwaggle/Mecha'thun Druid – I put on the same item, obviously Toggwaggle is out, but Mecha'thun is very similar in play style. 14 cards are rotating out, Druid will need more stalling tools to make this work. Gadgetzan Auctioneer can be a good draw engine for this.

  • Taunt Druid – No more Hadronoxx and Oakhart, this deck will not survive, but I believe it will morph into a Ramp variation with Oondasta and Stampeding Roar

  • Shudderwock Shaman – There are some talks of making this work with Bog Slosher, but without Saronite Chain Gang and Grumble, the deck as we know today will be as good as dead. It will morph into a tempo variation.

  • Odd Rogue – 12 cards leaving, but the deck will survive, the hero power is just too strong.

  • Even Warlock – 16 cards leaving, it will strugge without Bloodreaver Gul'dan, but Mountain Giants and Twilight Drakes should carry this forward

  • Odd Warrior – Only 4 cards leaving in the Dragon variety, this should continue

I think that's enough, I didn't include decks that will obviously die like Kingsbane Rogue, OTK Paladin and any quest based deck.

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