Rafaam’s goal is to travel back in time

hearthstone 6 - Rafaam's goal is to travel back in time

I was thinking about Rafaam's goal and why he gathered those specific characters together. It's possible that he wants to steal a powerful time travel related artifact that is stored in Dalaran. Why would he do that? He was defeated and wants once more to reign as the SUPREME ARCHAEOLOGIST.


For the same reason, he recruited Hagatha (hunted by Shaw and the others in the woods), Dr. Boom (Who we see in a deserted lab all alone) and Togwaggle (who is left without his treasures). The promise of going back and fixing what was done to them seems good enough for a team to be gathered. My only problem is with the fortune teller since we don't have much on her background, apart from the connections to the Old Gods.


How it connects to the Year of the dragon, though?

Let's say they succeed. Time travel is a dangerous thing and could cause serious damage to the time streams. Enter Nozdormu, Toki and the Infinite Dragonflight. What better chance would there be to give them a proper story? We have already seen some small nods towards time traveling with Toki in the Monster hunt and later on the event, we had in Arena (and later a Fireside Tavern Brawl).


The first expansion might also bring the spotlight more on the Blue Dragonflight and Kalecgos, which could tie into the theme of the New Year and the possible new keyword (provided it has anything to do with spells as hinted during the AMA).

In my mind the story might flow more or less as follows:


1) Rafaam gathers the team, they break into Dalaran through the Underbelly and steal the powerful artifact.

2) The second expansion might see us dealing with the consequences of their actions and the change of timelines. More or less everything that we've done so far has been meaningless and the villains' reign supreme. This might be a good point to introduce the Infinite Dragonflight (with this showing that the fortune teller was even more engaged in the whole thing since the Infinite Dragonflight's goal is to help the Old Gods and bring the Hour of Twilight.)

3) The third expansion follows Nozdormu, Toki, and other beings related to time, trying to revert what's done and fix the timestreams.


If any of these turn out to be true then I could expect the inclusion of the Caverns of Time and Chromie as well. Maybe as the teased events that would happen more often and tell more of the story? My tin foil hat might be a bit too tight on but I'm interested to hear what you think.


TL;DR: Rafaam and the others were beaten and now have nothing so they try to steal a time travel artifact and revert their loss. This damages the timestreams which leads to the introduction of the Infinite Dragonflight and a bigger threat. Nozdormu and Toki have to interfere.

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