Rastakhan’s Rumble Budget Decks for All 9 Classes!

hearthstone 9 - Rastakhan’s Rumble Budget Decks for All 9 Classes!

Rastakhan’s Rumble Budget Decks

Hello r/hearthstone!

The cost of Hearthstone leaves many new and budget-minded players frustrated, especially going into ranked play. During an expansion release, players unwilling (or unable) to drop hundreds of dollars on packs feel the sting harder than most.

Fortunately, Commons and Rares make up the foundation of any deck, so it’s still possible to grab some wins with the right combination of cards. These Budget Decks may not have some of the exciting Legendaries form the new set, but they are certainly viable for Ranked Play.

With all this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best budget decks for each class. These decks are meant to help players (old and new) complete daily quests and climb the Standard Ladder without dropping a big chunk of their paychecks.

All decklists have been thoroughly tested and should be pretty reliable from ranks 25 – 10. Several of them could easily take you to rank 5 and beyond!

Budget Decks in Rastakhan’s Rumble

As the final expansion in the Year of the Raven, Rastakhan’s Rumble rounds out the largest card pool we’ve seen in a year. Because of that, budget decks become easier to piece together with a higher number of Commons and Rares to pull from.

This also means that the latest expansion had a lower relative impact than some of the others on these budget decks, which is great for players who didn’t pre-order or have a mountain of gold to buy crazy amounts of packs on release day.

Unlike some of the recent sets, many of the powerful, new budget-friendly card options seem to be class-specific. Rogue, especially, was given a real boost in the form of new Pirates and a shiny (toothy?) new weapon. Reliable budget decks like Zoo Warlock and Midrange Beast Hunter remain solid after the expansion, each gaining a few new tools.

Rastakhan's Rumble Budget Decks

Defining a Budget Deck

Our rule for budget decks is to exclude any Epic or Legendary cards. This is meant to mimic the experience of new players or those who play casually and, therefore, have limited in-game resources.

Of the lists provided, Token Druid, Aggro/Tempo Rogue, Combo Dragon Priest, Midrange Beast Hunter, and Zoo Warlock performed the best in testing. Zoo Warlock, Midrange Beast Hunter, and Token Druid all have very fairly smooth transitions to their meta lists for those that have a more robust collection. If you want to get right into the meta, then these are the decks I would start with.

We go into a bit more detail on each deck in the guides, including mulligan strategies and replacements for specific cards as your collection grows!

Individual links to the guides are provided below, but you can also find our landing linked below.

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With that, let’s get to the decks!

Budget Token Druid

Druid remains one of the strongest classes in Hearthstone. It also can put together a strong budget list that relies heavily on tokens. This Budget Token Druid relies heavily on pulling high-value minions with Oaken Summons and buffing them with Savage Roar and Power of the Wild for startling amounts of burst. While it gained very little from Rastakhan’s Rumble, it remains a powerful budget deck for the ladder.

Budget Midrange Beast Hunter

Cheap Midrange Hunter decks have been a mainstay of the budget player for a while now. This remains true after Rastakhan’s Rumble with the inclusion of Springpaw. This additional 1-mana Beast gives the deck yet another potent Beast at a low cost. As is typically the case, this is one of the better performing decks on the list.

Budget Elemental Mage

The Mana Wyrm nerf was devastating to aggressive, burn-oriented Tempo Mages. Unfortunately, the loss of this powerful 1-drop makes it difficult to find a low-cost version of the deck due to its heavier reliance on Legendaries like Aluneth and Stargazer Luna.


Fortunately, Mage still has access to strong (and cheap) Elemental synergies as a fallback. In Rastakhan’s Rumble, Elemental Evocation provided the deck with a strong Tempo play and Arcanosaur can help the deck regain a favorable board position.

Budget Mech Paladin

Introduced in The Boomsday Project on the back of several powerful new Mech minions, Mech Paladin can quickly overwhelm opponents with a flood of minion pressure. With Rastakhan’s Rumble, the deck gained Sharkfin Fan, which rewards the deck for the inclusion of so many weapons, especially those that come out in the early turns.

Budget Combo Dragon Priest

You can get away with a pretty strong Dragon Priest for a reasonable cost right now. Duskbreaker is an insane card, and with some Dragons from The Witchwood, and the Inner Fire + Divine Spirit combo you’ve got a pretty formidable deck that’s only a couple of epics away from the meta version!

Rastakhan’s Rumble brings Firetree Witchdoctor, which gives the deck access to spells outside of the deck, such as Psychic Scream to reset, or additional copies of combo pieces.

Budget Aggro/Tempo Rogue

Tempo Rogue has been one of Rogue’s go to deck options for a while now, and can function quite nicely on the early ladder with a tight budget! The deck makes great use of both Serrated Tooth and Rogue’s naturally high-tempo Hero Power. In addition to the weapon, new Pirates fill out the deck’s early turns and synergize with the weapons Rogue often has up.

Budget Token Shaman

Shaman is heading back to its roots with this budget token version. Utilize small minions and Shaman’s ability to power them to overtake your opponents with this Budget Token Shaman deck!

Likkim appears to be one of the strongest cards Shaman received in the latest expansion and fits nicely in this deck that includes several Overload cards. Rain of Toads develops multiple, resilient bodies that can block opposing minions with Taunt and survive to push for lethal with Bloodlust.

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Budget Warlock Zoo

Zoo Warlock is a great deck to start with if you are just starting out in Hearthstone. You learn the art of efficient minion trading as well as positioning. Better yet, this low-cost build of the deck is only a few cards off of its meta version.

The Boomsday Project gave the deck a big boon and, while Rastakhan’s Rumble appears to offer a lower impact, Grim Rally appears to have some real potential in the deck. Either way, the heal-based build centered around Happy Ghoul remains a strong, low-cost option for the deck.

Budget Aggro Mech Warrior

Warrior was once one of the strongest budget classes because of Fiery War Axe and the Pirate package. Unfortunately, War Axe was nerfed and many of the strong openers that made the Pirate package effective have been relegated to Wild.

The Boomsday Project brought along some Mech synergies that Warrior can make good use of in this aggressive deck. From Rastakhan’s Rumble, Devastate offers a cheap, pseudo-Execute to push through Taunt minions or gain a board advantage. While it still isn’t enough for us to recommend committing too heavily to the class, this deck can help you complete your Warrior quests and earn some explosive wins.

Thank you!

That’s it! Thank you for reading! If you have any decks that have worked for you or feel anything is missing, just let us know!

If you’re interested in keeping up with my content, you can find me on Twitter @RoffleHS. And don’t forget to give @HSTopDecks a follow to stay up to date with deck guides and lists from popular streamers, tournament winners, and the community itself!

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