Rastakhan’s Rumble Set Reviews by Various Pro Players and Streamers

hearthstone 9 - Rastakhan's Rumble Set Reviews by Various Pro Players and Streamers

Hello everyone!

The final expansion of the Year of the Raven and the final new set before a rotation next year is here at last, and actually launched 5 days ago! I'm sure many of you have already started experimenting with new decks and another wave of new cards that were added to the game, evaluated each card's strenghts and weaknesses, and maybe even spent lots and lots of dust to craft the oh so desired legendaries.

However, many of you are also still holding out before making a decisions on which decks/cards to craft, and that's where the reviews come in, as they can certainly sway your opinions into one direction or another, and this thread's purpose is to collect them all in one spot.

But before that, a small personal note – this particular thread actually marks two whole years of me posting these set review compilations on this subreddit, so I would like to thank each and every one of you who took part in discussions, helped with getting the links, or simply visited the threads and maybe even clicked "upvote", and I hope I was able to provide r/Hearthstone with useful posts since 2016. This is certainly not the end, oh no, we're only getting started.

Now, with that out of the way – here's what you actually came for – the reviews!

This time I decided to change up the formatting a little after seeing another similar thread for the Boomsday revies and the new formatting should definitely work better in general as it's easier to read and look at.


Grinning Goat's Arena Tierlist Update Thread

  • https://old.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/a2oq0x/top_10_rastakhan_cards_lightforge_arena_tier_list/

HearthArena's Arena Tierlist Update Thread

  • https://old.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/a304wu/heartharena_tierlist_the_rastakhans_rumble_update/

Vicious Syndicate's Community Poll (now closed)

  • https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/a1j4lb/vicious_syndicate_rastakhans_rumble_card_preview/

Card Reviews/Rating Summary (by u/cgmcnama)

  • https://old.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/a2znbj/prostreamer_card_scores_analyzed_pretty_tables/

Player Name Format Source Featuring Additional Links
Amaz Constructed Twitch VOD /
Amaz Arena Twitch VOD /
Amnesiac_sc Constructed + Arena Twitch VOD Muzzy, YoItsFlo, & Frankinabox Spreadsheet
BoarControl Constructed Twitch VOD Jambre Spreadsheet
Controltheboard Constructed Twitch VOD
Crendor Constructed YouTube Vid
Day<9> Constructed
DisguisedToast Constructed Twitch VOD /
Dog Constructed Twitch VOD
Firebat Constructed
Grinning Goat Arena Twitch VOD /
ADWCTA & Merps
Hafu Arena Twitch VOD /
J4CKIECHAN Constructed Twitch VOD /




J_Alexander Constructed Twitch VOD
Kibler Constructed Twitch VOD
Kolento Constructed Twitch VOD
Kripp Constructed + Arena
NaviOOT Constructed Twitch VOD Ant, Flamingo, & Killinallday Spreadsheet
RDU Constructed Twitch VOD
RegisKillbin Constructed
Shadybunny Arena Twitch VOD /
Tempo Storm Constructed Twitch VOD JustSaiyan & Muzzy
The Happy Hearthstone Constructed + Arena Podcast
Thijs Constructed Twitch VOD
Trump Constructed
Zalae Constructed


And that about covers it! For now, anyway. Sadly, a lot of reviewers that shared their opinions on cards for Boomsday and even Witchwood have not made any sort of a review for Rastakhan, as several known content creators for Hearthstone have simply dropped the game and switched to other representatives of the genre, but hopefully what you see above is just enough to keep you entertained. I'd highly recommend grabbing some foods and drinks (or find something else to do and put the VODs as audio background) as some of these reviews tend to take well over 2 hours.

As usual, if I forgot to mention/add anybody – please don't hesistate and leave a comment, and I'll edit the thread as soon as possible.

2019 is approaching, and I can't wait to see the reviews in a few months when another major shift of the meta happens with the rotation and a new Year.

Oh, and do please leave feedback for the new post format! This thread is sort of an experiment this time around since I usually just did a long list, so a table like what you see above is merely a first attempt at a new template for the review compilation threads. Hopefully it works out but if not – let me know how I can improve it.

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