Recent adventure balance adjustments – pls also for old adventures!

hearthstone 3 - Recent adventure balance adjustments - pls also for old adventures!

This is mainly a petition towards Blizzard, if you agree, please support with comments and suggestions and what not:

We recently got these balance adjustments for the Heist of Dalaran to make some easy bosses harder and some insanely difficult bosses easier.

I think I speak for all here that we are very happy that such balance adjustments happen from your side to make HoD an even greater experience.

Yet, I would like to ask to make similar changes also to old adventures. I played a *ton* of KnC dungeon runs, monster hunts and rumble runs, I really can look back on a sginificant amount of experience here.


There are some bosses that are way too easy/hard and it's a bit sad to encounter these:
https://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Jeeru This boss is an auto-win. I faced this boss many times and not even once was there the slightest chance for her to win. Please make her immune to fatigue or give her a deck that synergizes with her hero power. Why is there an UI in her deck? She will never ever even make it to round 10. For a boss that appears at the end of the run, Jeeru is a gigantic joke
https://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Azalina_Soulthief_(boss)) This is the hardest boss in the monster hunt mode. The cannoneer has a good chance to deal with her, but regardless of the hero used, Azalina is harder to beat than any other boss, including the 4 hero-specific end-bosses. It's a bit like tossing a coin: you face Azalina: 80% chance your run is over, because she will steamroll over you. You don't face her: you have a very decent chance to complete your run. Please tone her down….
https://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Zentimo_(boss)) After playing countless RR runs (finishing with 25/27 shrines), this is the most annoying boss to face as 7/8th boss. Reason: If he can play Keleseth on his first turn, it's nigh impossible to beat the free +3/+3 all his minions get. If you can kill his shrine on your very first turn, then a standard Keleseth battlecry can be survived. If you can't kill his shrine on first turn (which is really not a common thing to be able to), he snowballs so hard it's basically impossible to beat him. When I faced Zentimo as 7th/8th, all I could do was pray that he does not have Keleseth in hand. And that's just frustrating because that's purely luck-based.

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Could you balance some of the bosses of these old aventures, too? (the ones I listed are just the most extreme examples I could think of in each of the corresponding expansions)

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