Rise of Shadows Standard Community Poll

hearthstone 1 - Rise of Shadows Standard Community Poll

Note: This is usually posted by Vicious Syndicate, but they're not doing one this set it seems. It's also very late as there was a lot going on and this slipped past 🙁 We think it's better late than never though, so here it is!

Rise of Shadows Standard Community Poll

Rise of Shadows is only hours away and we have seen every single card that will be released with the launch of the expansion. We are looking forward to the upcoming changes in the meta, and the changes it might bring. More importantly, what do you think of the new cards and how will they affect Standard?

  • What are the most powerful cards of the set?
  • Which classes will rise and fall as a result?
  • Which new archetypes will emerge?
  • Will Lackeys find a place in Standard?

Give your opinion in our pre-expansion poll for the Standard Hearthstone Ladder and check in on the Live Poll Results. The poll will accept submissions until the Rise of Shadows patch goes live.

How to Grade Cards

This is a broad suggestion how to grade/rate Rise of Shadows cards. The examples provided come from "The Year of the Raven" which are cards released during the year 2018.

  1. Terrible (Unplayable, will not see the light of day)

    (e.g. Duskfallen Aviana, Holomancer, Dozing Marksman)

  2. Weak (Situational, niche, doubtful playability).


    (e.g. Fireworks Tech, Test Subject, Spectral Cutlass)

  3. Decent (Has potential to see play, solid).

    (e.g. Mojomaster Zihi, Glow-tron, Firetree Witchdoctor)

  4. Very strong (Strong card that will definitely see play).

    (e.g. Murkspark Eel, Lord Godfrey, Raiding Party)

  5. Meta defining (Dominant, either as a build around card, or a staple across various decks)

    (e.g. Zilliax, Genn Greymane, Baku the Mooneater)

Purpose of the Poll

  • These polls are mostly for fun and to generate discussion while we wait for the set to launch. It creates opportunities to examine which cards the community overrates (or underrates) and maybe why we do so. (Are we overly optimistic about combo cards or totally underestimate certain cards effects?)

  • (Nah, it's just to laugh at how ridiculous some of our ratings are months/years later)

  • As long as there is interest, we don't mind creating and supporting these polls. Maybe, over time, this will give us a good frame of reference and allow us to look back at a snapshot of how cards were received and evaluated upon release.

  • Thank you /u/cgmcnama, Newbie Helper and PhD in Wizard Poker, for drafting this up!

  • Lastly, thank you for taking the time to participate and we look forward to seeing and hearing your thoughts on Rise of Shadows.

~The Hearthstone Moderation Team

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