RoS – Do the various “Scheme” cards show how Rafaam’s plan goes down?

hearthstone 5 - RoS - Do the various "Scheme" cards show how Rafaam's plan goes down?

Hear me out.

Looking over all the various cards from RoS, specifically the class cards and schemes for the villainous classes, I've put my Ocean's 11 hat on and tried to work out how the heist will go down.

Step 1 – Madame Lazul's Scheme – Infiltration

Madame Lazul's scheme is all about weakening the defenders of Dalaran (Reduce the attack of an enemy minion). Priest gains a number of cards that have flavours indicating infiltration. "Convincing Infiltrator" is quite overt in this, but also "EVIL Conscriptor" would also be turning the citizens of Dalaran against it's protectors and corrupting themLoot. "Unsleeping Soul" even seems to be placing sleeper agents or spies around the city, happening before the actual heist as you can tell by the 0 cost, can happen before the first turn mana requirement. Finally Madame Lazul's Legendary card itself is all about spying on the enemy and learning their strengths…and weaknesses (through their hand).

Step 2 – Hagatha's Scheme – Poison and Corrupt

At this point Madame Lazul has already found the weaknesses of Dalaran and has perhaps even created a route inside the city for Hagatha. The Swamp Queen's Scheme is about dealing damage to the enemy and it's quite clear from the art of the scheme, and her Murloc minions that they are going in through the sewers. Hagatha is utilising her corrupting magic (and perhaps her brew) to damage Dalaran from the inside and getting through the defences using the sewers. The longer Hagatha has to pollute the waters of Dalaran, the more damage the team can do. We can also see that this magic will turn even the fountains against the defenders of the city.

Step 3 – Rafaam's Scheme – A Supreme Distraction


Hagatha's plot needs time (with it being a 5 cost spell, you can't use it right away), and this is where Rafaam comes in. Always fond of a grand entrance, the Arch Villain will be imp-ploding into Dalaran, drawing the defenders to him…and away from Hagatha. From "Jumbo Imps" to "Fel Lords", Rafaam is going loud. You can tell by his own Legendary card being huge stats wise, and with taunt – he is meant to be drawing the attacks of the defenders whilst the rest of the league go to work. "Plot Twist" highlights that all of a sudden the demons will disappear and the real attack will have been on the vaults and magical artefacts of the city.

Step 4 – Dr Boom's Scheme – Blow The Bloody Doors Off

We all know the scheme was meant to be bomb based, the card art and flavour text indicate this. With "Wrenchcaliber" and his various mechanical miscreants pushing bombs into Dalaran (and his opponents deck), and the rest of the league weakening and distracting the good guys, Boom is getting into the loot. Once the charges are set "Blastmaster Boom" and "The Boom Reaver" get the party started, rushing minions into the charges and setting releasing Boom Bots.

Step 5 – Togwaggle's Scheme – Loot Train

Now the Heistbaron gets to work. Togwaggle's scheme is all about choosing the right goods and shuffling it away. The more time he gets in the vault, the more treasure gets back into your deck. With "Hench-Clan Burglar" and the focus on the utilisation of Lackeys for fantastic treasure, the rogue class is all about filling pockets and getting the hell out of dodge. "Daring Escape" shows Boom and Toggs blowing the vault and escaping once they have what they need thus completing the heist.

Overall, I love how much thought and flavour the Hearthstone team have put into this expansion. I wish this was my job.

TL:DR – The various class schemes show how the E.V.I.L League's heist of Dalaran goes down, and it is dripping in flavour.

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