Rumble Run: All Shrines, Teammates, and Upgrades rating and guide

hearthstone 5 - Rumble Run: All Shrines, Teammates, and Upgrades rating and guide

After playing, watching, and playing a lot of rumble run, and feeling there aren't enough rumble run ratings or guides or trump reviews trump reviews, I felt like making a review of the shrines, cards and so on and saying which work best with which or what strategy to use, or etc. I will be ranking the shrines, rating the teammates and what the preferred shrine for them is, and giving a bit of what I think of each shrine.

Shrine rating:

Free Card Back tier(Very easy to win with or has a very strong effect)

  • Halazzi's Trap
  • Akali's Champion
  • Dark Reliquary

Strong Tier(Can heavily affect the game, or carry entire games)

  • Kragwa's Grace
  • Kragwa's Lure
  • Tribute From the Tides
  • Janalai's Mantle
  • Shirvallah's Protection
  • Pirate's Mark
  • Bwonsamdi's Sanctum
  • Bwonsamdi's Covenant

Average Tier(just average shrines, can have big impacts, but not always):

  • Gonk's Armament
  • Halazzi's Guise
  • Janalai's Flame
  • Shirvallah's Vengeance
  • Shirvallah's Grace
  • Bwonsamdi's Tome
  • Bottled Terror
  • Treasure from Below
  • Hireek's Hunger
  • Akali's War Drum
  • Gonk's Mark

Weak Tier(shrines that aren't useful all the time or have a reduced comparative use):

  • Janalai's Progeny
  • Blood Pact
  • Bonds of Balance
  • Halazzi's Hunt

Worst shrine tier:

  • Akali's Horn

Explanations and General Tips


  • Halazzi's Trap: Almost always going to generate huge value, can often keep the enemy off the board entirely and being at 5 secrets at all times becomes easy. Recommend taking Streetsmuggler and Troll Harbinger with secret synergies/professor putricide and removal spells/minions.
  • Halazzi's Guise: The effect is useful, but getting taunt isn't good on many beasts and rush is not always a big advantage, unless you're being rushed down yourself. Rush poisonous can be very good, but you won't always get it when you need it. Recommend taking Troll Harbingers, Battlestarved Lynx, Rabid Saurolisk, and Shadowpanthers and building a beast deck(duh)
  • Halazzi's Hunt: Very rarely going to be very useful when it triggers, and it will often only trigger once or twice a game, especially since your hand won't be full very often as hunter. Recommend taking battlestarved lynx, shadowpanthers, and troll harbingers and also building a beast deck, and taking charge beasts.


  • Akali's Champion: Extremely strong, you can get it up to ~15 attack or even more and just rush face with it whenever it comes up until you win, and a 2/8 on turn 2 is very strong and contests the board hard. Also Final Boss Voone's shrine. Recommend taking Unbound Punisher, Seasoned Pitbrawler, and building a control warrior deck, focusing on the shrine for your earlygame removal.
  • Akali's War Drum: The reduced mana cost on the dragons won't often give you a big tempo advantage, especially since the dragons will still cost a ton and you still might not be able to play two dragons in one turn. Recommend taking Herald of Flame, Redcrest Rocker, and taking dragons(duh)
  • Akali's Horn: Near-useless. You can get maybe one extra attack on a minion per minion before it dies, and being able to both hit a minion and rush face isn't that big of advantage. It doesn't generate any cards or give your minions things or anything. Recommend taking Ironhorn Drummer and Herald of Flame with a lot of rush or dragon cards.


  • Dark Reliquary: Very strong, you can easily flood the board with big demons early on and even midgame, and turn 4 lakkari felhound + this can give you massive tempo. It's a huge swarmer, basically. Recommend taking Ravenous Familiar, Vile Necrodoctor, and picking lots of demons and demon synergy and swarming quickly and fast.

  • Hireek's Hunger: Good effect, but if it dies you lose the ability to play a lot of your cards like pit lords, especially if you're in a close game or aren't ahead all the time. You basically need to win quickly with the face damage before your opponent can contest you at all. Recommend taking Warp Stalker, Vile Necrodoctor, and taking a ton of self damage cards, or lot of drawing cards since fatigue counts for this shrine and is very strong with it.

  • Blood Pact: Weak, there aren't that many warlock spells that can really swing the game back in your favor or give you a big huge advantage, and the HP loss can really ruin you against 8-wins voone or zuljin, or any other swarming shrine. Recommend taking blood portal, dark diviner, and building a demon deck with a lot of good spells.


  • Gonk's Armament: Decent just because you can play a big minion, hero power, and then play another big minion, but it's not that useful until lategame when you have the mana to spare to play two minions and you might lose by then to another rush shrine(ie lure), and it's somewhat inconsistent, so I don't like it. Recommend taking Water Spirit, Fan Favorite, and Direhorn Stomper and building a ramp druid deck.

  • Bonds of Balance: You run out of cards fairly quickly in atk druid, and if you don't get and protect a spirit of the druid you can get outcompeted on the board in long games. The shrine being sometimes a 7/7 or etc can be useful, but often it's your last minion. Recommend taking Fan Favorite, Water Spirit, and Zandalari Striker and building a rush deck.

  • Gonk's Mark: It's not that bad, but it's not that impactful compared to other shrines, summoning 3/3 treants or 2/2 wisps is good, but it's not a blowout compared to other shrines. It also has way too low HP. Recommend taking Water Spirit, Fan Favorite, and Direhorn Stomper and building a token druid deck with one big lategame drop or so.


  • Pirate's Mark: Strong, you can often wipe the board or kill big minions or get other huge tempo swings or just deal 20 damage to the enemy hero with one card. Also, it's godlike with lobstrok tastetester. Recommend taking Lobstrok Tastetester, Raging Contender, and Salty Looter and building a tempo/midrange deck.

  • Bottled Terror: Decent, the thing about it is that you NEED to be able to rush to the max to make advantage of it, and your other minions still only have little HP when you do so so any fan of knives/lightning storm/brawl etc will make you lose. Also, when you DO play those rush decks, you risk running out of cards before your opponent runs out of HP, especially against harder bosses. Recommend taking Raging Contender and Salty Looter and building a pirate aggro deck.

  • Treasure from Below: Decent effect, but it has so little HP it will often only be taking one card every three turns before immediately dying, which is much worse than any other shrine. Recommend taking Raging Contender, Salty Looter, and building anything.


  • Janalai's Mantle: Very strong, you can easily boardwipe with just an arcane explosion or get tens of cards with blast waves or do tens of damage with arcane missiles or etc. Stock up on spells, wait for it to come back, and throw them all at the enemy hero for easy lethals. Recommend taking Razzle Dazzler, Fireslinger, and Showstopping conjurer and building an OTK deck.

  • Janalai's Flame: Strong, with a bit of prep and fan of flames you can turn it into an arcane explosion or consecration every turn, or better if you have pyromaniac and daring flame eater. Also it gives you a lot of ability to clean up boards without spending a lot of your cards. Recommend taking Fan of Flames, Frostweaver, and Showstopping Conjurer and playing a control deck.

  • Janalai's Progeny: Weak, a 1 damage spell is barely anything and even if you mass freeze things with blizzard you only get maybe 5 damage. Also, your deck is often exceptionally weak without it up, even compared to other shrines' decks. Recommend taking Fireslinger, Glyph Guardian, and frostweaver and building an OTK deck.


  • Shirvallah's Protection: Strong, makes your minions able to value trade over and over very often and turns even medium threats into huge damage. Recommend taking The Walking Fort, Parading Marshal, and building a midrange/control deck.

  • Shirvallah's Vengeance: Decent, but like with the other shrines your deck is not often very good without it, and you need to finish out a game quickly with it since it doesn't affect the board, which you need. Recommend taking Parading Marshal, Lightchucker, and Gloryseeker and biulding a control deck with many weapons.

  • Shirvallah's Grace: Strong, but you need a lot of setup for it, and it always risks getting removed for cheap before you can apply a ton of buffs to it. Recommend taking Blessed One, Parading Marshal, The Walking Fort, and building an aggro paladin deck.


  • Kragwa's Grace: Strong, with unstable evolution it transforms your whole board into huge minions or lets you OTK with mana addict, and even without it it lets you clear boards for cheap. Also its huge 10 HP makes it block a lot of damage and be hard to remove in general. Recommend taking Croak Jouster, Leap Frog, and War Heralder and building a control deck.

  • Kragwa's Lure: Strong, you can flood the board with minions and then throw down a drakkari defender or lightning storm or etc and deal tens of damage to the enemy hero, it's like a recurring bloodlust. Recommend taking Croak Jouster, Leap Frog, and War Heralder and building an aggro deck.

  • Tribute from the Tides: Very strong, shaman has a lot of great battlecries like mistcaller or fire elemental or menacing nimbus and it can let you generate a lot of advantage easily. It also has a lot of synergy with your teammates. Recommend Taking Croak Jouster, Leap Frog, Naga Toungelasher, and War Heralder and building a battlecry themed deck.

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  • Bwonsamdi's Sanctum: The thing about this shrine compared to the battlecry one, is that you don't always get to trigger deathrattles on your own terms, unlike battlecries, so you need to have a board presence against the enemy's board presence to activate it often, which is a real disadvantage. It's still strong enough when you use it, though. Recommend taking Ghastcoiler, Soulsapper, Weaponized Zombie and building a deck around deathrattles, or a control deck if you can't

  • Bwonsamdi's Covenant: Probably the easiest shrine to play, you have a lot of board clearing potential and ability to ping things down with your hero power, it's just a very versatile shrine. Recommend taking Bloodwash Medic, Bwonsamdi's Keeper and Weaponized Zombie and building a control deck.

  • Bwonsamdi's Tome: Strong, lategame you can cast a ton of spells and wipe the board easily and come back quickly, but the problem with it is that most of priest's spells are reactive and don't go face or buff your minions a lot or etc, and others are expensive, and getting something like shadow madness while your opponent hasn't played his cards or is playing a high mana deck like voone's or loti's, or a random embrace darkness can end your combo and let your opponent kill your shrine. Still good. Recommend taking Conjuring Attendant, Bloodwash medic, and building a control deck.

Passive shrine upgrades:

  • Boon Reaper: Extremely strong, filling your hand every time your shrine dies will make you almost always outlast the enemy or be able to counter anything he does or etc, it basically makes you always in the game. It also has big synergy with many shrines when they come back.

  • Everlasting Devotion: Also extremely strong, many shrines become much stronger when you have two like kragwa's grace or tribute from the tides, and even the ones that don't have any effect comboes might still want it since it near guarantees you have one shrine up at all times(ie bwonsamdi's covenant or hireek's hunger). Also those shrines have high HP, so your opponent will spend a lot of time attacking them instead of your minions.

  • Favor of the Gods: Not that good compared to your other bonuses since it doesn't generate any cards or anything, but good for Bwonsamdi's Sanctum since it guarantees your deathrattles die first, and for dark reliquary since it swarms a lot.

  • Fortified Spirit: Usually really bad, most shrines on this list will die in one hit often anyway, but for shrines that get buffed like Shirvallah's Grace, Akali's Champion, Bonds of Balance it can be very good since it makes it much harder for the opponent to kill them and lets them get free kills on enemies.

  • Pact with the Loas: Good for most shrines since you want them back fast, but much better on the lower health shrines or the one-off shrines you only expect to see once in a while like tribute from the tides.

  • Roaring Edifice: Decent, but not always going to get a lot of advantage unless you get one of the "Rush. Overkill: Draw 3" or "Fill your hand with…" cards since many of the shrines with the lowest HP are aggro themed(ie bottled terror or kragwa's lure) and you still would rather have the shrine than a discount on your cards.

  • Sacred Ritual: Usually really bad, the benefit isn't that big and you won't often get more than two or three mana discounted from it usually. It's good with janalai's mantle, though.

  • Windfall Blessing: Good, but you have to actually get to the monsters in your deck to benefit from it. If you don't have a lot of draw power/get one of the "draw until hand is full" you could get board dominated before you can even use it.

  • Wrath of the Loas: Only extremely good against a few shrines, namely akali's champion and bonds of balance, and only when your own shrine is very likely to get killed/it's a low HP shrine.

Teammates, the best shrines for each one, and etc(it's hard to rank these since they are all 5 star in comparison to normal HS cards, so the ratings are in comparison to other teammates):

Star ratings:

5 Star: Can swing a game singlehandedly, carry a game, generate huge advantage overall, or defines its decks' win condition.

4 Star: Very strong, can give big advantages or big tempo swings.

3 Star: Decent, can give you some advantage or tempo in some situations, or not be useless in most of them.

2 Star: Generally not very good, but in specific situations can be useful.

1 Star: Either almost entirely useless, or always a worse pick than other cards.


  • Astral Raptor: 3 Star card in gonk's mark, 1 star in everything else. You're not always going to be able to trigger it a lot and your opponent can just clear it all on his turn.

  • Direhorn Stomper: 5 Star in all shrines. 4 ATK can let you kill many things at that point in the game, including many shrines, and it can pull out a tyrantus or fan favorite or other super huge minions and maybe survive to do it again, it's great.

  • Succoring Skyscreamer: 3 Star in Armament and bonds, 2 star in mark. The effect is only good if you have a lot of armor gain cards, like the claw/bite cards or etc, but if you can use it you can hope to go infinite on claws/bites. Probably not that likely, though.

  • The Fan Favorite: 5 Star in all shrines, especially bonds. Huge stats for the cost and extremely strong effect is very strong, especially if you can then transfer it to a bonds of balance.

  • Water Spirit: 5 Star in all shrines. Guaranteed 2 extra mana crystals almost at the start of the game, and often also being able to kill a 3 health shrine with the hero power, hell yeah.

  • Zandalari Striker: 4 star in Bonds and Mark, 2 star in armament. With mark you can swarm a ton, drop this, get a huge savage roar or OTK, in Bonds you might even get a gonk and do it over and over. Only problem is, its mana cost is high and its stats aren't that good.


  • Battlestarved Lynx: 5 Star in Guise, 3 star in Hunt, 1 Star in Trap. It gives you a ton of ammo for your guise to boost, and gives you a lot of cards to both activate and be reduced by hunt. In trap, and sometimes even in general there are better options.

  • Rabid Saurolisk: 5 Star in all shrines. 3 Mana board wipe, it can even sometimes gain rush in guise. Do I need to say more?

  • Shadowmaw Panther: 4 Star in Guise and Hunt, 1 star in trap. It makes the chance for poisonous 1 in 2 and the rush can let your minions apply it quick, and in hunt you can combo overkills to play your entire hand, which is good.

  • Slamma Jamma: 2 Star outside of trap, 1 star in trap. The problem with it is that you need to have a big board to really take advantage of it, and you won't always be able to swarm a lot, especially if oyu haven't been able to proc hunt.

  • Streetsmuggler: 5 Star in trap, 2 star everywhere else. Insane card in trap, you can basically block your opponent from touching your board forever with it, and it + 5 secrets is almost always gg.

  • Troll Harbinger: 5 Star in all shrines. Extremely strong card, huge stats and taunt for 5 mana almost guarantee it will use its effect and in trap it gives you free fuel for the shrine. One of the best teammates in the expansion.


  • Fan of Flames: 5 Star in Flame, 4 star in the others. Really strong card, 2 damage hero power helps a lot in contesting the board, and it + hero power can kill many shrines on turn 2 before the opponent can do something like play keleseth turn 2 with tribute from the tides.

  • Fireslinger: 5 Star in both Progeny and Mantle, 3 star in normal deck. Extremely strong card, you can turn all the frostfires from progeny into fireballs and turn any frost nova/etc into a board wipe, or you can use it with mantle to basically cast one-sided rod of roasting, and etc, it's very strong.

  • Frostweaver: 3 Star in Progeny, 1 star in everything else. Its effect is not that impactful outside of progeny, and in progeny it's decent, but there are better picks.

  • Glyph Guardian: 3 Star in progeny, 1 star in everything else. It's a lot worse than fireslinger because the usefulness of it depends on how many monsters your opponent has, and it's a bad topdeck after you've already played your blizzard, unlike slinger. It's sort of situational.

  • Razzle Dazzler: 5 Star in Mantle, 3 star in other decks. Easily your closing play as mantle, just clean out your hand, wait for mantle, play this, deal ~40 damage to the enemy board and often OTK/win the game from there. Very strong.

  • Showstopping Conjurer: 5 Star in mantle, 4 star in others. It's a big minion with rush that draws a spell and can sometimes draw multiple spells, what's not to like?


  • Blessed One: 5 Star in Grace, 3 star in others. In grace it can draw you your buff cards to start snowballing easily, while in the other decks there are better options.

  • Exactor of Justice: 4 Star in everything. It's a good solid card, but it doesn't have much synergy or anything with anything. It's just a decent card.

  • Gloryseeker: 3 Star in Vengeance, 1 star in others. It's sort of pointless, an almost inviniclble 3 attack doesn't really matter and the opponent will ignore it. If you can give it taunt with Favor of the Gods it can be OK.

  • Lightchucker: 5 Star in vengeance and grace, 2 star in protection. You can pick up a lot of healing cards in vengeance and grace in buckets, and there's some incidental healing in truesilver champion and etc to make it sometimes useful, plus it has HUGE stats for 3.

  • Parading Marshal: 5 Star in everything. It's really good since it guarantees you win the early game, and truesilver can take out a shrine early or any other big threat.

  • The Walking Fort: 5 Star in Grace and Protection, 2 star in vengeance. Best buff target in the game, it protects your shrines, with protection it can take almost ten hits and not die, you can buff it and it will almost never die, it's insane.


  • Bloodwash Medic: 5 Star in Tome and Covenant, 4 star in Sanctum. Really good stats and it draws you a lot of cards, and you can activate it multiple times sometimes, it's great. Even in sanctum, a big minion that heals is good.

  • Bwonsamdi's Keeper: 5 Star in covenant, 1 star in others. Instant board wipe that also heals all your things is very obviously good.

  • Conjuring Attendant: 5 Star in Tome, 4 star in covenant, 2 star in Sanctum. It's so good, it lets you go almost infinite with tome, and in covenant it makes it easy to wipe boards if you have more spells than mana.

  • Ghastcoiler: 5 Ssssssssssssstar in Sanctum, 2 star in others. Being able to summon 6 deathrattle minions, who will then activate 18 deathrattles is completely nutty and will win the game on its own. Watch out for ticking abomination/majordomo, though.

  • Soulsapper: 5 Star in Sanctum, 4 star in tome, 2 star in covenant. Stealing 6 spells will often be stealing ALL the spells against some decks, and it's a huge tempo gain, and even getting two spells in tome can help a lot.

  • Weaponized Zombie: 4 Star in Sanctum, 1 star in others. It's good because it lets you control the board early, and an early +3/+3 can really swing the board, but it's not worth picking over anything else as just a +1/+1.


  • Lobstrok Tastetester: 5 Star in Mark, 1 star in others. Extremely strong, can let you go infinite with academic espionage and you can keep drawing and drawing for a long time, often just wiping the board.

  • Parrot Mascot: 2 star in everything. It's a bad topdeck and you often won't get to use it on more than one or two cards, most other picks are better.

  • Pesky Rascal: 3 Star in Terror, 1 star in others. Infinite 1 atk isn't all that good and you won't often be drafting a ton of buffs that help it, especially when it's not a pirate, but it benefits a lot from bottled terror's deathrattle.

  • Raging Contender: 5 Star in Terror, 4 star in others. Extremely strong to be able to just fill your board with enemies that are either going to go face with stealth or gain a ton of attack from the deathrattle.

  • Salty Looter: 4 Star in everything. It doesn't have much synergy, but being able to take two cards from the enemy's hand is a huge swing in card advantage, especially if you grab a teammate too.

  • Sharktoothed Harpooner: 3 Star in Treasure, 1 star in others. You probably won't build a steal from the opponent deck even with this card, and the other picks are better.


  • Croak Jouster: 5 Star in all decks. Drawing 3 spells is huge, with grace they're cheaper, with lure they can give your minions tons of stats, with tribute you can draw up to 9 spells, and incidental overload is in every shaman deck.

  • Deepsea Diver: 3 Star in lure, 1 star in others. There are better picks.

  • Leap Frog: 5 Star in every deck, especially tribute. This card can almost be a board wipe on its own, and it destroys zuljin's 4 wolves or jeklik's swarming.

  • Overcharged Totem: 3 Star in Lure, 1 star in others. It's too useless without constant overloading and is hard to keep alive.

  • Naga Tonguelasher: 5 Star in tribute, 4 star in others. In tribute, it can block your opponent's next turn almost entirely, in others it's still a big disruption on a huge minion for the cost.

  • War Heralder: 5 Star in all decks. Drawing 3 spells is never bad, and it can remove totems quickly early, and can sometimes activate twice.


  • Blood Portal: 4 Star in Pact, 1 star in others. With pact, you can continually cast spells over and over, at the cost of a ton of your health, until you finally clear the board or have a big enough board.

  • Dark Diviner: 5 Star in Pact, 4 star in others. Getting a ton of spells will almost always give you some removal, some buffs, some damage, just a good assortment of options, and in pact you can cast them instantly.

  • Leering Bat: 4 Star in Pact, 1 Star in others. Saving a lot of health to cast your spells can be good, but it's best saved for lategame pushes.

  • Ravenous Familiar: 5 Star in Reliquary, 3 star in others. A huge rush minion earlygame, it can take out some shrines, and then summons something for you, and it can do it repeatedly. An almost always pick.

  • Vile Necrodoctor: 5 Star in all decks. Huge boardwiping potential plus huge healing is extremely good.

  • Warp Stalker: 4 Star in hunger, 1 star otherwise. You can sometimes use it to fill your hand back while doing a lot of damage to the enemy, but it costs so much tempo that you probably wouldn't want to/you could lose anyway unless you draw into hellfire/molten giant/mountain giant.


  • Herald of Flame: 5 Star in War Horn, 2 star otherwise. This card is how you fill your hand and swarm the board with dragons and make your shrine count, you're hoping to play it turn 10 with a ton of dragons next to it and it's good when you do so.

  • Ironhorn Drummer: 3 Star in everything, with a slight edge to Horn. It's just sort of situational, you need to already control the board or have a big rush minion ready to go, which you can't always do because it's 5 mana and has low HP.

  • Rallying Quilboar: 1 Star in everything. Gaining taunt isn't always very useful. I guess you could use it to defend your armor and your shrine in champion, but overall it doesn't have much of an impact.

  • Redcrest Rocker: 5 Star in war drum, 3 star in others. Drawing 3 cards is very good, and even just getting an incidental dragon and 3 damage for 1 mana is very good.

  • Seasoned Pitbrawler: 4 Star in Champion, 3 star in war horn, 1 star in horn. It's good with your champion shrine, and being a dragon makes it so you can't be TOO upset about it in war horn, especially since you can emberscale the turn afterwards, but I wouldn't be too happy about it.

  • Unbound Punisher: 5 Star in everything. Godlike card, a boardwipe that also buffs your akali's champion and gives you health and stays on the board, that's insane.

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