[Serious] If Twitter banned Verlisify of Pokemon, than Reddit should suspend u/Donzeldedis’s Account, or, at the very least, r/hearthstone should ban them permanently.

hearthstone 8 - [Serious] If Twitter banned Verlisify of Pokemon, than Reddit should suspend u/Donzeldedis's Account, or, at the very least, r/hearthstone should ban them permanently.

DISCLAIMER: The goal of this post is to raise awareness of the different levels of damage dealt by a career hate-speech drama-queen named u/Donzeldedis on many, many groups of people, from spamming to severe personal attacks regularly, and that we should end their toxic existence on the internet to end this nightmare while discouraging others from doing similar things by making an example out of them.

This post might be considered as personal attack and witch-hunting since I'm giving out their username, but I promise that my accusations against them are supported by more than enough evidence. Thus, let's begin.

u/Donzeldedis regularly spams 5~10, or at most, up to 30 hate posts per week (or more since their posts do get removed or deleted from time to time)for more than a year. Most of them consists of complaints and harassments to Blizzard for not making Mages the dominant class in standard ranked games, with all of them expressing severe hatred, targeted insults to Blizzard and Hearthstone and attempts to force other users to hate Blizzard as much as they do.

This post is a direct attack on one of the HS Staff. This is also not their first time, implying that they've attacked and stalked HS staffs before on both Reddit and Twitter, and in this thread, u/Donzeldedis stated that they'll continue to harass them forever until Blizzard makes Mages the only playable class in Hearthstone.

If they're to be allowed on Reddit, they will continue to attack Blizzard, Hearthstone and its players non stop. Speaking of which…

u/Donzeldedis reacts to people who replies to their posts and comments in the most sickening ways possible. I don't see the need of providing links on this one, as you can all just check just about ANY long (or short) threads on ANY of his posts. They'd still pretend to be a human at first when "debating" with thousands of people that are trying to talk sense to them with many constructive insights. Alas, it didn't take long before they devolved into an mad creature who throws tandrums, insulting people by calling them names, "mindless Blizzard apologists"(whatever that is), wishing they and their mothers die to diseases, etc and, in some cases, threaten to ban people who reply to them.


He also has a tendency of harassing people who beat them in arguments, and posts random hate speeches on those people's posts. Hold on, they're not just harassing those people, are they?

That's right. u/Donzeldedis also attacks total strangers for absolutely no reason at times. Right now, they are attacking people who makes generic posts like "got to legend", "got nth place in battlegrounds", "what are the odds" posts. While I agree that these posts are repetitive and somewhat annoying, this is NOT a reason for one to insult them for making these posts. Again, they throw tandrums and abuse the OP and people who replied to them with "asshole posts", "gay posts" etc. This One serves as a recent example.

I also vaguely remember a joke post about Wild Secret Mage being overpowered made by another user long ago, which many people, including myself, appreciated the humor. u/Donzeldedis however, wrote about 50 comments for the sole purpose of insulting the OP's intelligence, where they are actually the stupid one for not getting the joke.

For those who aren't familiar with Verlisify or Pokemon in general, Verlisify is another drama-queen who believe in bestiality, made low quality videos on Youtube and gathered attention purely by personally attacking many other Poketubers such as Poketips, Hoodlum(?), Pimpnite etc., which ultimately resulted with him being banned by Twitter. Now, we have u/Donzeldedis, who isn't nearly as well-known, but does the EXACT SAME THING with all of their time and energy, which, I believe, should be treated the same way as Verlisify, as they are just the same to me.

Speaking of getting them banned, I'm not the only one with this idea. I understand that the Mods are reluctant to use the Ban hammer, they don't wish to misuse their power, which I really appreciate. Good for you, Mods! You all deserve respect. Nevertheless, this user is a cancer among the Hearthstone community, even when outside of Reddit. It had to be done.

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