Skipping preorder for the first time since TGT

hearthstone 8 - Skipping preorder for the first time since TGT

I don't want to dive too deep here because I suspect this will be downvoted to hell, but I can't bring myself to pre-order based on the state of the game, and what else they have offered this year.

For Witchwood, we got 80 packs for the price of 50. Really good deal.

For Boomsday, we got a guaranteed golden legend, a load of packs, and a hero for $80. I really liked that promotion.

After those pre-sale promotions, the idea of 50 for $50 and a hero isn't gonna do it for me.

I'm extremely frustrated that the game doesn't have any new modes or features, and frankly, I'm just really bored with the game.

I've spent over $1000 on the game, I might be considered a whale by some, but I have to do my tiny, likely insignificant part and exercise my consumer choice and tell them no, you can't just assume you can crank out 400 cards a year and keep my attention.

I'm not high on the new set, nor am I low on it. I simply don't care that much and that fact really makes me sad because I love this game and watching its dynamicism bleed out before my eyes is heartbreaking.

I'm not quitting. I'm not swearing to never buy cards again. I just feel as though a lot of the fan base is taken for granted and I have to draw a line in the sand somewhere and say – No. You don't get to keep spitting out cards and nothing else and take my consumer choice for granted. I believe I am part of what their investors would consider a "target audience."

I doubt Blizzard will notice, but I have to take a stand where I can. I'm not looking for upvotes, and I expect downvotes, but honestly, it feels like Blizzard has spent the majority of this year (across all of their IP) stress testing how much they can "get away with" and have their core audience keep coughing up disposable income.

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For me, its a game I love with no new major features in what feels like an eternity, along with rolling back the value of pre-order promotions for seemingly arbitrary reasons. I want the game to be better, so I'm sending the only message they seem to care about, the Bottom Line.

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