Some thoughts on Rumble Run (why I find it a little disappointing)

hearthstone 9 - Some thoughts on Rumble Run (why I find it a little disappointing)

I was a big fan of Dungeon Run when it came out and then later of Monster Hunt. I played both extensively, past just completing it with all classes for the cardback, so I was really looking forward to a new version in Rumble Run. After having played a bunch of runs, though, I have to say that it isn't really that fun to play imo, or at least not compared to the previous two. I think this is mainly due to a couple of faults.

You're basically forced to pick synergy with your shrine as much as possible if you want to have a good deck or you might get screwed over by the bosses, so the choices are kinda empty. Compared to Dungeon Run where you basically had a blank canvas within each class to build what you wanted or Monster Hunt which, while it did have set mechanics for each class, wasn't nearly as restrictive and the buckets felt like they had more variety in viable styles.

The pacing isn't great. From my experience so far, the first boss is usually very easy and then it ramps up a bit on the second and sort of stays at that difficulty as you scale with the bosses until the last boss when the difficulty spikes a bunch (which can feel lame to lose to).


It feels very shallow. The bosses basically just have better versions of the decks that you would hope to draft and more health. At the same time, they retain little uniqueness in theme to set them apart and keep them interesting (they're basically just reskinned versions of the player character based on normal classes) whereas in Monster Hunt / Dungeon Run, the bosses had themed decks, treasures and hero powers that felt unique compared to the player and gave a sort of veil to hide the shallow difficulty behind because they didn't just seem like better versions of your deck but with bad AI piloting them.

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Also, the bosses have no tiers, you can face any of them at any stage of the run anf there's only 9 of them, which adds to the shallowness and the feeling of lack of any progression through a run. Both Dungeon Run and Monster Hunt had tons of unique bosses kept separated into tiers with their own mini backstories. There was also a bunch of differemt final bosses that added both replayability and helped keep the modes from feeling stale as quickly.

I know it's very unlikely Blizzard will actually change much of this but I thought I might as well put out my two cents because I would definitely love to see it improved.

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