Some tips for Arena after the December Balance patch

hearthstone 3 - Some tips for Arena after the December Balance patch

Brief introduction: I'm a guy who have been playing Arena for years and made the leaderboard several times including reaching the top 10 4 times this year. Earlier this year I partnered up with Tempo Storm's youtube channel to write Arena content in a digestible format. With Rastakhan's Rumble, a patch happened about 2 weeks ago where we got MCT removed, some rebucketing happened, a new expansion bonus, and old (bad) cards are introduced back to Arena. Here's some things you should know about the current state of Arena:

Here's a short list of topics I covered:

  1. Warrior, Hunter and Rogue is Tier 1. It's the first time Warrior and Hunter are ever on top together in the history of Arena. Both classes are also seen a lot as well on high wins. Other classes are basically around the middle and Shaman/Druid just feels real bad right now.
  2. Curve is really important right now. My policy is having 6 3 drops, 4 4 drops, and 3 5 drops. That's a guidelines you are aiming in most of your decks. If you have more 1-2 drops you can draft less 3 drops. Keep in mind when I mention "drops", they're good on-curve minions. Stonehill on turn 3 is an awful play and will punish you in most situations if you can play a 3/4 instead.
  3. Control decks are not very good in this meta unless you're a Warrior or got lucky as a Priest. For Priest, if you draft a half-baked control deck and can't curve on turn 3, you basically lose most of your games facing any decent curve plays. And when you draft or play a "control" deck, you still want to curve on turn 3 because early game minions are the best way to control an early game board.
  4. Anytime you face a Hunter, you want to try your best to play something each turn early on because if you slow down at all, they will push enough damage to close out the game later. Conversely, as a Hunter, any minion that cheats out stats are extremely good, like Bittertide Hydra, Sea Giant, Frostrider, Ornery Tortoise.
  5. Avoid drafting minions like Boulderfist Ogre, Linecracker, War Golem that doesn't do anything aside from being a big body. Curving out on turn 3-5 is way more important. Violet Wurm and Taunts are still good, but vanilla large minions are not.
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Honestly all things considered Arena feels pretty good right now. If you want to play control, try Warrior. If you want to play more aggressive, play Hunter. It's a time where you can hone in on what you want to play as each of the top classes gives you something different. There is some negativity among the players about how strong Hunter and Warrior is right now. It is more or less confirmed the balance team will microadjust (see less good cards in good classes and more good cards in bad classes) in January 2019 so we have (some) hope that things will improve in the new year.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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