Spell druid, and life, guide

hearthstone 4 - Spell druid, and life, guide

Well I finally did it, made it to legend. Started playing this game in 2015 on my ipad. My only legendary was Manexa (2/8 with poison for only 6 mana?? Yim yum) and every deck included that fat boss. I've had ups and downs along the way and I want to share some life lessons around the hearth. stone.

My first lesson I learned (took about 2 years), don't make your own deck. Each meta is already setup by people much smarter than you, so pick a deck online and stop trying to be such a hipster. I bet you RP a Human Paladin on Moon Guard you weeb.

Lesson 2, use hearthstone deck tracker. This is basically cheating because it reminds you that your opponent still has the coin. Took me a while to learn what that was cause I'm not watching live streams- I'm grinding get to to rank 10 like the rest of us who are working vs "watching Hearthstone TV".

As for my spell druid that carried me to the top. Picked a deck you can almost AFK with cause it has one route.

innervate - Spell druid, and life, guide

Innervatex2- Use for feeding that big overgrowth

moonfire - Spell druid, and life, guide

Moonfirex2- No value other than with Exotic Mountseller and Kael'thas.

90601 - Spell druid, and life, guide

Crystal Powerx2- Nice 2 health beamer or a 5 health heal. That heal saved one game, but that's all I can remember.

(1)Worthy Expeditionx1- Not a real hearthstone deck if you're not rolling the dice every once and a while. This card actually sucks, but I had fun keeping it in there.

(2)Fungal Fortunesx2 – Prepare to feed.

(2)Dreamway Guardiansx1 – This was a tech choice by yours truly. I guess when you're a legend you can tech some big cards like this. Helped take some heat off aggro decks early game and helped fill the board late game.

(2)Ironbarkx2 – Obviously hold till you can cast for free, but good buff to a Dreamway Guardian if you're feeling the aggro. Just remember, if you can't handle the heat don't tickle the dragons belly.

(2)Power of the Wildx2 – To turn your little boys into beefy boys.

(2)Wrathx1 – Card kinda sucks.

(3)BEEEES!!!x1 – Card is meh, but the bees are kinda cute so I held on to it.

(3)Bogbeamx2 – Save till free, or take a little heat off early.

(3)Savage Roarx1 – Why isn't this card in the hall of fame yet?


(4)Overgrowthx2 – If you can't do anything till 7 mana, you might as well speed it up with this part.

(4)Soul of the Forestx1 – Great turn 9 play with Glowfly or no charge with Kael'Thas. Otherwise, trash.

(5)Glowfly Swarmx2 – Rev up those fryers .gif!

x2 – Always use with Kael'thas to take 20 minute turns.

(7)Exotic Mountsellerx2- Most people don't know this, but this card is actually named AFTER Joe Exotic himself. And for good reason! This bread and butter of the deck will turn straight guys gay after a 0 mana 5/5 Gorilla boy and a little meth.

(7)Kael'thas Sunstriderx1 – That "nerf" was a joke right?

(8)Gift of the Wildx1 – Card should be renamed Gift of Kael'thas.

You may be wondering, why don't I have rising wind!? That costs money…. Y'all are paying for this game?

Mulligan guide: Overgrowth and fungal fortunes, throw everything else regardless of who you're playing. Why do you think I hit legend with this deck? There are as few decisions to make as possible.

I'll spare you the details of the climb and share the stats from Diamond only. Here is how to get to legend.

Win rate 57% (34 wins, 26 losses)

Warrior (4-1): Cool deck bro. Not enough removes.

Warlock (1-1): Not sure what happened here. Saw a lot of lock in the climb but then dropped off post nerf. Probably all went to play rogue.

Shaman (0-2): I slapped shammys on the way up the ladder but totem shammys at high tiers must be sponsored by monster energy drinks. They got some expensive cards.

Rogue (8-4): Good luck using Flik Skyshiv on Joe Exotic's pets.

Demon Hunter (8-6): I had lost a lot against demon hunter. Key here is to mulligan a twitter account with an obnoxious name to get the attention of Blizzard game devs. Once big daddy Blizz took the nerf bat to the teeth of Demon Hunter I was able to win.

Priest (3-0): Just keep filling the board after they remove. Lol at discovering a silence from worthy expedition- RIP rez priest.

Paladin (0-2): Murloc aggro is too good. This will be my next twitter rampage.

Mage (4-4): Dr. Freeze on the mic. Dont play glowfly without buffing them to 3/3.

Hunter (5-3): A little lifesteal goes a long way.

Druid (1-3): My only win was against a spell druid.

My gift from Blizzard for hitting legend for the first time? Tinkmaster Overspark. Feelsgoodman

Final notes: Zephyrs is OP. See you nerds at the world championships. I'll make sure to wave to you from the winners table.

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