Tavern Brawl deck: Concede Paladin

hearthstone 2 - Tavern Brawl deck: Concede Paladin

Are you tired of brawl games ending on turn 4? Are you a sadomasochist? Do you have absolutely nothing better to do with your time? Well I have just the deck for you! It's Concede Pally!

Brawl Deck

Class: Paladin

Format: Wild

1x (0) Target Dummy

1x (1) Crystology

1x (1) Righteous Protector

1x (2) Novice Engineer

1x (3) Coldlight Oracle

1x (3) Time Out!


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Concede Pally is a "fatigue" deck. Not really in the traditional sense, though. The main win condition is to play Time Out over and over again. Once your opponent gets bored/tired of not being able to kill you, they concede! This deck is better than the Ice Block Mage version as it can't get disrupted by anything.

Card choices:

I tried several card combos in the making of this deck. The goal was to have a lower curve and try not to brick your hand. I'm sure there is a better, perhaps more consistant version that can be made, but this is what I settled on.

  • Target Dummy: Cheap Taunt that you can dump out of your hand at any point. Useful for surviving the early game. Can be subbed out for a different 0 mana card if so desired.

  • Crystology: Part of the draw engine. The only time you play this card is turn 1 and after your deck refreshes itself. This way, you can tutor your girls and know exactly whats left in the deck for you to grab with your other draw engines.

  • Righteous Protector: Cheap, stick taunt tutored from Crystology. This is how you survive the early game and turns you for whatever reason don't draw Time Out.

  • Novice Engineer: Cheap draw card tutored from Crystology. Used for digging for Time Out and on rare occasions, fatiguing your opponent.

  • Coldlight Oracle: The big draw engine. Optimally played after Crystology so you don't draw your girls with it. Primary way that you get Time Outs out of your deck.

  • Time Out!: The reason we're playing the deck. The despair bringer. The patience tester. Better than Ice Block because it can't be beat by secret removal nonsense.


  • This deck can be beat. If your opponent can lethal you by turn 3(Moonfire Druid for example), or you misplay and don't draw Time Out.

  • It's stated above but I'll state it again: Only play Crystology on turn 1 and after your deck refreshes. You do not want draw your girls with your other draw cards. This could lead to you not drawing Time Out, resulting in you losing.

  • Coldlight is your 2nd win con. If your opponent burns their last card on your turn, they start fatiguing. Not reliable, but worth mentioning.

  • This shouldn't have to be said, but this is a meme deck. You won't get fast wins, and this isn't for the faint of heart. If your opponent catches on to your plan and decides to buckle in for the whole game, you're going to hit that turn limit and play an hour long Tavern Brawl match.

Let me me know how this deck works for you!

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