The fact that we can’t buy wild packs with gold is just sad.

hearthstone 9 - The fact that we can't buy wild packs with gold is just sad.

Now, hear me out. I'm not one of these extremely salty players that is on the hunt and waiting to do the next post complaining, I'm actually a player who really much enjoys this game and plays it every day, not for the grind only but also because I have fun with it.

That being said, one of the things I enjoy the most about card games is the "collection" part of it, I am very well aware that you can't have a complete collection in HS without spending a penny and even tho I don't spend money in packs that often I do buy the bundles and pre-purchases.

Anywho, I don't desire a complete collection because legendaries and epics are a pain to get, but a complete rare and common collection is not that outrageous. I have all common and rares in standard and I'm only missing rares and commons from very old sets (I'm a 100% wild player 🙂 ).

I know I can buy wild packs with real money, but it's really not justifiable for me, I have a lot of gold laying around that I want to use for wild packs and there's just simply no justification why Blizzard hasn't added them in a new tab in the shop, blizzard, you can't use the excuse of new players being confused and buying wild packs by accident, wild is literally locked for anyone under rank 25 and if you're going to argue that at rank 25 they're still new players, then why in hell are they able to craft wild cards?


I'm serious, I know there's tons of stuff to complain about, from balancing to negligence from Blizzard towards the community after the new expansion comes out and they disappear until the next one. From the resurrect mechanic in wild, to darkest hours, to lack of updates, to lack of communication.

But Jesus fuck, it'd be easier to forgive those things if you at least did something for us, I'm not saying putting wild packs in the shop is going to fix all our problems, fuck most people won't even care, but doing little things like that, that don't even require that much effort goes a long way.

I really enjoy this game, with all and flaws, I find the developers to be really likable people and the community too, but I really don't think there's a good justification for not letting me (or anyone else) buy wild packs in the shop.

And this goes for every little thing that Blizzard fails to do for the community, stuff that although it might not be the most important thing in the world, it is a really good way of showing the community that you indeed care, even if just a little cough deck slots cough .

Please, Blizzard, this should have been solved in the first rotation years ago.

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