The Free Adventure Is Great for F2Ps

hearthstone 5 - The Free Adventure Is Great for F2Ps

I am fascinated with card games and love playing hearthstone in particular. However as i don't play much and don’t want to pump money into my account, i don't have a lot of cards and it’s near impossible for me to grind for gold to purchase adventures.

Why not pay for some cards on my account. That was Blizzard's suggestion, but i want to have my “own account” and ”grind for it myself“.

Ladder is a bit heart-breaking for me as i have had multiple experiences painstakingly making a home brew deck out of what i have, only to see it get shredded by meta decks. I like Battlegrounds as it’s free and doesn’t need a collection but find it a bit fast and confusing. I also like Tavern Brawl (though it took me ages to get a hero to 20 to unlock it – I don’t understand why it’s locked at all for new players) but some weeks it is silly or too weird or needs all the purple and orange stone cards.

I want to play adventures because the computer waits for me and it gives you cards you can figure out a way to win with and they are funny, but i look at the 2800 gold needed forlornly. I have played some of the free solo stuff, i even successfully completed Rastakahn’s rumble, but i want to play the big adventures with a story and epic things and a million bosses.


You should have seen my eyes light up when I was told today that there was a new free five chapter adventure. I didn’t believe it until i logged into my account and saw it. Then i thought I had bought it in my sleep, after Blizzard influenced me long enough, but when they persuaded me that this year the solo adventures were really free i was dancing on the ceiling. I love the rhymes, which play better with a younger audience, and i find the fights challenging but winnable. I stay up specially to complete chapter 1 so i could get packs and i was so excited when one had THREE RARES INSIDE. THREE RARES IN ONE PACK. NOT ONE RARE IN EACH OF THE THREE PACKS, ONE PACK HAD THREE RARES INSIDE. Also the sporelock mushroom guy whose name I forget is my favourite thing ever.

I wonder if kids are actually who this is aimed at. Older people making responsible monetary decisions, seem to go “where are the rewards, there’s no new cards, these rhymes are embarrassing, it’s too easy, this power of friendship stuff is lame, etc.” and pride themselves on their prowess at the ”more serious” ladder/BG/arena modes. But for someone my age i'm just over the moon to have a big chunk of premium content i can just mess about with and enjoy. Thanks Blizzard – i have gotten depressed about my f2p chances on ladder and this has brought back the joy for me.

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