The new Valeera skin is awful. Let’s change it

hearthstone 4 - The new Valeera skin is awful. Let’s change it

Hey all, J_alexander_hs back again today to talk about something very near and dear to my heart: how Blizzard botched the new Rogue skin.

I know some of you may like the pirate skin, and if this was some kind of Halloween event, I’d be right there with you. But it’s not. This is a skin that is supposed to show off an achievement in the game; something you’re supposed to be proud to use. As a long-time Rogue main, this skin fails me spectacularly.

For starters, all the other skins depict the character in the game, whether directly or at least something that happened to them at some point in the story: Garrosh may look weird, but at least it represents something that happened in his story arc. Anduin may look more like a paladin than a priest, but it does follow his arc through the story.

Valeera is not a pirate. Valeera doesn’t have one eye. She doesn’t wear a frilly white shirt. These make it look like they just dropped a silly costume on her. Don’t want to take my word for it? Then just look at the paladin portrait for the last Halloween event: red cap, eye patch, frilly white shirt. That’s a costume. Valeera is just wearing a costume here and it doesn’t inspire me to want to use her.

(Comparison here: https://twitter.com/j_alexander_hs/status/1183017762446348288?s=21)


Making things worse, not every Rogue is going to be a pirate. The theme/costume of this portrait pigeonholes the class as being about one thing. When I want to play a non-pirate deck, I’d like a non-pirate skin as an option.

Further, the background of the portrait is absurdly bright for a Rogue. It’s white. It makes the daggers blend into the background at times. It’s just not thematic in colors even if you like the design.

I know this might seem like not a big deal, but these are supposed to have value. It’s something I’ve waited years for the game to introduce and it got botched immediately. To call it disappointing is a huge understatement.

In fact, I can’t help but wonder (conspiracy alert) as to whether the portrait was made it was because the art is trying to tone down sexually suggestive images and the team had to, effectively, find a way to put a shirt on her to please some censors, and a pirate theme was a simple way to do so. But even if that was the case, there are better ways to cover her body up.

Please, join me in denouncing this abomination and get it replaced with something meaningful.

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