The Zayle, Shadow Cloak decks are really bad and it’s very disappointing.

hearthstone 8 - The Zayle, Shadow Cloak decks are really bad and it's very disappointing.

I wasn't expecting the Zayle decks to be exclusively top-tier meta decks for each of the five classes. I'm OK with the decks using lower-tier archetypes like Silence Priest. What I don't understand is why the decks are so poorly optimized — as if Blizzard went out of their way to make these decks bad.

It's fun for a little while to play with cards that you don't own, and to get a feel for different decks. But that fun wears off pretty quickly when your terrible decks are getting wrecked repeatedly by competitive decks.

The thing that's most disappointing is that the experience would be a lot better if the decks were just optimized. I've provided my thoughts on each deck below, and highlighted some areas where I think improvements could have been made. That said, the fact that the decks are missing these pieces feels to me like a deliberate choice to make them weak, and that's why I'm really disappointed.

I'm interested to hear from other people what their experience has been like.

The five decks:

Silence Priest: This is already a pretty weak archetype, but it's made much worse by the fact that the deck has very little card draw — in a combo deck! Unless you get a really good start, or a bunch of draws from a Northsire Cleric, you're going to run out of steam really quickly and lose.


Lackey Rogue: This deck resembles the popular Rogue lists, which gives the illusion that it's a good deck. But it has some major holes — notably, no Raiding Party package and no Leeroy. I find the deck struggles to generate a lot of tempo other than with Evil Miscreant, and lacks burst to close out games.

Control Shaman: This deck more than any of the other five resembles actual meta decks of its archetype fairly well. This almost certainly isn't the best Control Shaman list, but it has most of the right tools and follows the gameplan well enough. I've had more success with this deck than any of the others. That said, Control Shaman isn't that great of a deck (Tier 4 on VS) so success will be limited.

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Plot Twist Warlock: It's a meme deck, and it will lose more often than not against basically any competitive deck.

Bomb/Rush Warrior: The deck has no spells in it. That means no removal (except for Rush minions), no armor gain, and more importantly no AOE. The deck gets absolutely stomped by aggressive decks, especially Token Druid. It certainly doesn't help that the deck runs two copies of Batterhead.

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