Third-party Competitive Series

hearthstone 3 - Third-party Competitive Series

Hearthstone - Third-party Competitive Series


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I just wanted to give a shout out to a project I’ve been working on, and all the amazing people who have played in, and helped me along the way. Outside Reddit I’m ‘RoguishBard’ and I run the Aspirant Series over at
Aspirant - Third-party Competitive Series

Aspirant. It’s a weekly tournament that I run with the vision of being an amateur development series, where people of all skill levels looking to improve can come together and gain experience outside of the…beleaguered, HSesports system. We are about to wrap up our second season with 32 players, an 800$ prize pool, and our casting/production team finally getting off the ground. It’s been a learning experience for me in handling logistics, publishing 128 decklists each week, graphic design and web dev; and while I still have a long way to go, I am proud of where we have come, and where we envision us going. So before I hype our final match, I wanted to thank a couple of people and entities, for helping me make this happen.

First the Colorado Hearthstone squad: Primitive, Pennypacker, Coookiemonst, N8Biz and Tiller. You all have been with me since the beginning, when it was just locals, tavern heros, and pre-release parties; thanks for following me on this journey and for helping me flesh out bad ideas (of which there were many).

Next are the people who have helped me develop what we have today. Direstbear with WordPress; Dragonrider for helping with the admin and TO side of life; Bemmie for helping me through some organizer issues, and showing me that with enough work I can make it huge; the production team of Kazghar, Lezzemos, TypicalTyrant, NoGlocko and Clark for helping me get casting going and making sure my photoshopping isn’t trash; and Vaune_ for developing a sick Discord bot to help with Shields and Bans.

I want to thank the many teams who have joined on this season: ATK Mode, Heartbreak, TDF, TeamRankStar, Resurgent, Grit, Grizzlies and Swagoi. You have sent players to compete in this project, and have helped hype, and promote it all season long and I can’t thank you enough. Swagoi in particular has been a huge part since the beginning, and keep showing up in force every season.


I want to thank the other Third Party Hearthstone groups out there. Aspirant isn’t a new or novel idea; I have drawn so much inspiration from Maplestone, Team Hearth Legends and the various Podcast Listener groups out there. Third Party Hearthstone is usually laughed off and overlooked; but we’re out there, people who love the game, love the people, and love the community. We’re trying to compete, develop and make friends every day. You have options besides the HSesports grind; besides 8 hour tournaments on Battlefy/Smash; you just need to ask around and come join us.

Lastly, I want to thank the players who have participated in the first two seasons of the series. You have all been a blast to work with, play with, and chat with. Thanks for believing in the project, for the great feedback, and for already signing up for Season Three, which is going to a banner season for us.

Now, finally; I want to present the Finale of the Aspirant Series Season Two. With an overall record of 19-7, Pelletire from Grizzlies faces off against NoGlocko and his record of 16-11 Sunday night at 9PM EST. Come join us at
hs - Third-party Competitive Series

Aspirant to see how you can watch it!


Thanks for making it this far, you're the real hero. Season Three of Aspirant is open for registration now! Come over to the website to the schedule, format and all the information you need to join our amazing community!

TL:DR: Third party competitive Hearthstone is alive and well, there are a ton of awesome places like Aspirant, Team Hearth Legends, and Listener Groups. I am broadcasting the Season Two Finals of my Aspirant Series this Sunday, between two awesome players. Come to

PS. If you are out there and thinking: “you know, I’d love to get involved!” …Id love to have you. I'm always looking for people who want to get experience in TO-ing, admin, casting, production, graphic design, writing, whatever! Reach out, I am always willing to help people develop the skills they seek!

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