Top 10 wild legend with small quest mage – deck analysis

hearthstone 3 - Top 10 wild legend with small quest mage - deck analysis

Hello everyone! Today I'd like to present you one of my favorite new decks which has been performing very well for me, which I like to call small quest mage.


Recently I've been obsessed by this new variant of quest mage, which has the capability to complete the quest very quickly and has multiple win conditions, unlike the previous versions of quest mage. In this post I'll present you the deck, go over the cards and I'll also briefly present some matchups. Note that I didn't invent this deck, I don't know who first came up with it, but I do know I first got it from an opponent who played it against me (COPPERSCUM).

I absolutely love this deck because it's very flexible, it involves a lot of decision making and can have some insane games where you'll complete the quest on turn 4 or 5 and kill your opponent on the next turn. I've had a lot of success with the deck, as I'm currently rank 9 legend on EU in wild, and I got there from low legend with a 63% winrate (92W-55L).

Deck analysis

The deck + some stats. Deck code: AAEBAf0EBKsE0MEC7vYCuf8CDQysAeYElgXjEYK0AoS7ApjEArT8AsiHA5+bA+KbA/+dAwA=

Elemental Evocation (x2): The main reason this card is in the deck is, of course, the combination with mana cyclone. If you can combo this card with mana cyclone, you can get some extremely early and big mana cyclone turns (turn 2-3 with 4+ spells is in this case usually possible, especially in combination with a sorcerer's apprentice).

Freezing potion (x2): This might seem like a weak card, but it's actually quite good. As a 0 mana spell it has very good synergy with all minions in the deck. It's usually used to freeze your opponent's face or minions to prevent damage, or as an enabler for your ice lances.

Ice Lance (x2): There's a reason this card was HoF'd. It's a very strong card that can be used as face damage or stall, depending on the situation.

Magic Trick (x2): A 1-cost spell that can be used to find more freezes, draw, burn, removal or a secret. There's also the obvious synergy with the quest. This card fits very well in the deck.

Open the Waygate: This deck is built around the quest, but sometimes you won't even need it. Most of the time you'll get a fast quest completion and you'll be able to TTK your opponent with some combination of minions in your deck and/or 2 turns of burn spells.

Ray of Frost (x2): Very strong card. The second cast counts for the quest. Obvious synergy with all minions + can be used for removal or stalling.

Shooting Star: Probably the weakest card in this deck and one that I might consider swapping. It's still decent as it's a 1 mana spell that provides mini-AoE, which is quite good against odd paladin, odd rogue, even shaman and token druid.

Frostbolt (x2): This inclusion shouldn't be surprising. It can be used as removal, freeze or burn. Extremely strong, also in this deck.

Mana Addict (x2): This deck has an abundance of small spells, which makes mana addict very strong. It's usually used together with the quest, but against some matchups dropping it on an uncontested board early on is the right play.

Mana Cyclone (x2): The entire deck pretty much revolves around this card. With so many small spells, you can often get 5+ spells from it. When that happens and you get some decent spells, it's hard to lose.


Primordial Glyph (x2): Staple mage card with quest synergy. 'Nuff said.

Research Project (x2): 2 mana for 2 cards, hell yeah. Giving 2 cards to your opponent can be bad, but you can also often mill your opponent with it. Since this is a combo deck, you usually don't mind giving your opponent cards anyway.

Sorcerer's Apprentice (x2): What's better than cheap spells? Free (or even cheaper) spells! This card can get you some nasty combos with any minion in the deck, really.

Arcane Intellect: Just a bit of extra draw. There's not much to say about it.

Flamewaker (x2): If you've ever played tempo mage with this card you know how powerful it can be if you're running a lot of small spells. Perfect for this deck.

Stargazer Luna: This deck has only 3 (or 5 with giants, but they quickly cost 0) other cards in it which cost more than 2 mana. You can get some insane draw turns with her.

Arcane Giant (x2): With this many cheap spells in the deck, these almost always cost 0 by turn 5. They're usually played together with the quest, but sometimes playing them earlier is great too.


This deck can win against pretty much any other deck. If you go second and have cyclone + elemental evocation or sorcerers apprentice and some cheap spells you're almost unstoppable if you get some decent spells.

If you draw very bad you can also easily lose as well. That's the nature of hearthstone, of course.

Other, slower combo decks and some control decks seem to be pretty good matchups. Aggro and burn decks such as odd paladin and kingsbane rogue are in my opinion slightly unfavored, but with decent draw and some luck they're still certainly beatable.

Mulligan & general tips

You should always keep the quest (obviously), mana cyclone and sorcerer's apprentice. You should never keep mana addicts or arcane giants. I usually keep flamewaker and research project. Other cards should be kept or replaced depending on the rest of your hand or the matchup. For example, you should only keep elemental evocation if you already have a cyclone in your hand. Going into detail about how to mulligan for each matchup and hand composition would require too much time for me right now.

To close things off I have some tips for playing the deck:

  • You should usually NOT play the quest on turn 1. It's a 1 cost spell, which by itself already has synergy with the minions (most importantly, with mana cyclone).
  • It's usually a good idea to play flamewaker on turn 3-4 if the board is uncontested. Many decks won't have an answer and if it stays on the board it'll keep clearing the board or melting your opponent's face.
  • There are many ways to win with the deck. The most common victory is quest + giant(s)/addict(s) into lethal on your extra turn, but sometimes you won't even need the quest reward. Don't be afraid of dropping one of your "combo pieces" such as a mana addict or giant if you feel like your opponent doesn't have an answer and/or it can do a lot of damage the next turn.

Thanks for reading and good luck if you try it out!

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