I like this card, the fact that you can use it and recall it in the same round after playing a spell is really handy. However, I do find the voice line of “Hey LOSER” a bit offensive.

A card that plays a belittling voice line feels like blizzard took a step in the wrong direction from a community game standpoint. I just feel the voice line is toxic and offensive, maybe it’s just me. Not sure if others feel the same.

————————-I added the text below Aug 28th———————-

Based on the responses that I have been seeing on this post, it is very evident that many are unfamiliar with phycological impacts of emotional words such as “loser”. There are many Academic research papers in phycology that have published with their findings surrounding an individuals neurological response. It has been found that emotional words, how ever a person is exposed to the emotional word, be it in sentences or as a stand alone word, in person, verbal, online, etc.; can elicit a neurological response that differ from neutral words.

Many studies included focus groups with a wide array of age variance, kids, teenagers, adults, with the goal to come to a better understanding of how various age groups respond and interrupt emotional words vs neutral based words.

Most of the research articles that have been published are in academic journals and require a fee in order to access the results of the particular study, however, I was able to find a particular study that is able to be viewed publicly, but the study is focused on bodily responses to emotional words, such as heart rate and facial expressions.


The site is Frontiers in Phycology. You can find by doing a search on emotional words. Because this is an academic research paper it has a lot of technical Jargon explaining the research method that was applied with the participants in the control groups.

At the end of the day, the reality is that Humans are emotion based creatures. We all respond to various emotional stimli, with the exception of clinical psychopaths. Regardless if you want to accept it or not, language does elicit various neurological responses in each of us that vary based on the type of emotional word. Whether it be online, in person, on tv. Individual circumstances differ from person to person, thus, each persons response to emotional words can be very different from your own, and should not be discounted.

Neglecting to consider the impacts of others when choosing to use certain emotional words regardless of contexts, does not fit within an inclusive community. And while this is a video game, this is still a community that has a very large youth base, and that is why I feel that Blizzard made a bad call on this card.

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