Unpopular opinion: Bolderfist Oger is overrated

hearthstone 9 - Unpopular opinion: Bolderfist Oger is overrated

Now, before you guys start harassing me like how
hearthstone - Unpopular opinion: Bolderfist Oger is overrated

r/hearthstone harrases streamers, please give me a chance to explain myself. (Tl;dr at the end)

Bolderfist oger is undeniably a great card. Mainly for the following reasons:

1) f2pbtw

2) good stats for cost

3) doesn't die to BGH

However, there is another card that i feel is better than oger: Chillwind Yeti.

Lets compare the 2 cards side by side using the above criteria


Both cards are incredibly f2p

Good stats for the cost

Both cards have good stats for the cost. However, if we do the maths and figure who has better stats for their cost, yeti comes out on top with 2.25 stats/mana as compared to oger's 2.16 stats/mana. Therefore, yeti has better stats for the cost than oger.

However, this method of calculation means that goldshire footman and snowflipper penguin have better stats for the cost than yeti. While this is true, these cards die to shadow word pain, whereas yeti does not, meaning that yeti is still better.

Doesn't die to BGH

Both cards don't die to BGH

As you can see, yeti already seems better than oger. But it gets better. Here are the reasons why yeti is definitely better than oger.

Doesn't die to shadow word death

In a world where pr*ests exists, playing oger is often a risky move, because oger getting killed off by shadow word death often means that you lose the game. Yeti, however, dodges shadow word death by 1 attack point. In fact, it also dodges shadow word pain by 1 attack point, making yeti the hearthstone equivalent of Neo from The Matrix.

Better against mind control


If an enemy pri*st mind controls your oger, they are paying 10 mana for a 6/7, which is bad stats for the cost. However, if they mind control your yeti, they are paying 10 mana for a 4/5, which is even worse stats for the cost. Hence, playing yeti instead of oger will give your opponents worse stats for the cost should they decide to mind control it.

Can be played earlier

If you play oger, your opponent concedes on turn 6. However, if you play yeti, your opponents concede on turn 4. Not only does yeti end games 33% faster, he also saves you about (given the current state of roping in hearthstone) 3-4 hours.

Has better art

Oger's art is pretty cool, hes just sitting there, chillin. But if you look closely, you will notice that oger's art is nerfed. He's wearing chest armour, which means that at some point in the development of hearthstone, bli$$ thought that oger's nipples are too sexy and therefore had them covered up.

Yeti, on the other hand, not only has unnerfed felstalker in his full art, he also looks like he is in the middle of a kinky BDSM orgy. The only nerf they had to do was to use strategic hand placements to cover his MASSIVE FUCKING DONG. It's pretty clear who has the better artwork.

Those are my reasons why i feel yeti is a better card than oger. Hopefully by now i managed to convince you to take my side. Actually, who the fuck am i kidding, no one is gonna sit down and read through all of these anyways.

Not all hope is lost for oger fans though, because there some changes bli$$ard can do to make oger better than yeti.

1) Delete prie*t from the game

2) Unnerf jaina

3) Unnerf oger. Show us the oger nipples.

TL;DR: Cock and ball torture

Have a 4/4/5 day, everyone!

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