Updated Lich King Decklists for All Heroes Part 1 (Warlock, Priest, Druid)

hearthstone 5 - Updated Lich King Decklists for All Heroes Part 1 (Warlock, Priest, Druid)

This post is in response to all the users posting about unlocking Arthas recently. I just unlocked him last night winning with all 9 classes over the weekend, so I thought id share my lists and give some tips.


– You WILL need to restart a lot. And I mean a lot. Even a perfect deck falls short to a poorly timed blizzard or obliterate so if you are struggling with winning don't get discouraged.

– Just because I found success with these decks doesn't mean you will and doesn't mean they are the only way. As noted above luck plays a large roll in these challenges and if you can come up with a better deck that works then you should absolutely use it.

– LF refers to luck factor, on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of how perfect your starting mulligan has to be and dependent on what cards the Lich King plays

Now onto the decks…


Challenge – Take 2 damage for every duplicate you have in your deck

As many people have been talking about recently, with the addition of SN1P – SN4P, Warlock has a very nice and simple combo that isn't too hard to pull off. The cards needed are Mechwarper, Summoning Portal and of course SN1P – SN4P. Summoning Portal drops all minions down by 2 costs, and then a Mechwarper drops mechs down another. This makes SN1P – SN4P cost 0. Paired with a mech that has been on the field for 1 turn already makes for an easy one hit kill after magnetizing SN1P – SN4P onto the mech. Using cards like Mecharoo and Harvest Golem make is easy to have a mech leftover for this combo. Fill the rest of your deck with removal cards to stall until you have the trio of cards. This deck will cost 320 dust, however, you should have most of them already through packs. Plus Mechwarper is a great card if you ever play wild mech decks. This is probably the easiest of the classes right now.

LF: 4/10

Mulligan: Keep Mechwarper, Summoning Portal, SN1P – SN4P, and then either Mecharoo or Harvest Golem to ensure you have a mech by turn 4 when you can do the combo.

Deck Code: AAECAf0GDJoHxAi/Ac4HiAXYAeMFKZwClweftwOSBwmFA/b9AjCEAdAHigbRgAO2B8kHAA==


Challenge – You are not able to emote


For Priest, I used a Ressurection Priest build that I have been using to climb in Standard. Obviously, this means I am using more expensive cards that I have either crafted or opened in packs. I believe that you can win this using a similar and cheaper list however I have not perfected or tested it yet. So here is the list I used, feel free to make any changes. The key concept is you put up a bunch of taunts and Vargoth and when they all die you Res them back. Vargoth triggers Mass Ressurection a second time making a big tempo swing. To finish the Lich King off I used Divine Spirit and Inner Fire combo on Mosh Ogg Enforcer. Most combinations of this combo with big health minions should win you the game. Cheaper cards I would become Damaged Stegodon and Amani War Bear, however, Mass Resurrection is a must to secure the endgame.

LF: 5/10

Mulligan: Keep Vargoth every time as well as Mass Hysteria and Holy Nova to clear his minions early. Hold off on Mosh Ogg Enforcer and Catrina Muerte until the late game.

Deck Code: AAECAa0GBqUJ5ogD1pkD1gqggAOTmwMMmJsD+ALlBL3zAtEK1wqClAPJBpeHA/LxAtiJA5mbAwA=


Challenge – All minions that cost 3 or less are destroyed in your field, hand or deck

This challenge and Rogue's challenge both end up making it easier than the Lich King expected. For this challenge, you may have to craft some Jade Cards however they are all rare or lower. Your deck should have 5 major cards: Jade Idol, Jade Blossom, Swipe, Jade Behemoth, and Gadgetzan Auctioneer. After he decimates your deck these 5 cards will be all that remains. The goal after that is to get to ramp up to turns 6,7,8 as fast as possible and then use Jade Idol and Auctioneer to build up a massive, and I mean massive, Jade Army. Once Auctioneer is on the board you can repeatably shuffle and summon Jade Idols until you run out of mana. A unique interaction is that in Frostmourn phase, the Lich King will attack your high stated Jade minions rather than attack face. This gives you plenty of time to get your minions up to 12/12 13/13 14/14 and so on. Once all the souls are gone you go face and don't look back. This is one of the most straight forward wins you can get and only comes at a cost of 280 dust. Sweet!

LF: 2/10

Mulligan: Keep as many of the 5 core cards as possible, but if you don't get them, once he destroys your deck you will only draw them so it's no problem.


I will try and upload the next 3 classes (Rogue, Shaman, Hunter) Wednesday morning so stay tuned for that!

Let me know if you have any questions or want any explanations about something in this post. Thanks.

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