Visa is the official sponsor of the HCT, so here are the most expensive decks of RoS!

hearthstone 3 - Visa is the official sponsor of the HCT, so here are the most expensive decks of RoS!

Wallet Warrior is back in the meta and it is by far not the only Wallet deck the game currently has to offer. And with ne new Hearthstone sponsor Visa in your pocket, it's the perfect time to have a quick look at some of the most expensive Standard decks that currently see play.

Our trope-naming Wallet Warrior comes in many different flavors: If you like the smell of Napalm Bombs in the morning you can try one of the most expensive tier 1 deck of HS-history with the famous
DqNs6GelH7jt43XQBKav4g - Visa is the official sponsor of the HCT, so here are the most expensive decks of RoS!

Bomb Warrior for 12.960 dust.

If you like really long games you can try a tedious fatigue warrior with not one, but two Dr. Booms for 11.800 dust or if you want to include an actual win condition, you can go for the Mecha'Thun variant for around 12.000 dust. If you think that's for cheapstakes, add the Boomship and Malygos, becaue why not?

Mage has a peculiar twist on the control/handmage type: Khadgar Dragon Mage starting at 10.360 dust in it's more budget version. This minion-heavy Mage Control deck that tries to survive the early game while saving resources (or generating some with firetree Witchdoctor and Messenger Raven/Book of Specters) to then benefit from cheap Giants and trying to generate massive value by playing some tricks and double the minions with Khadgar. It's good against slower decks but struggles in an aggressive metagame. However, if you want to go nuclear with the deck, it can cost you around 15.000 dust.

While you can get some Lackey Rogue for a bourgeois price of 7.500+ dust, real Heistbarons include Togwaggle, Nomi and Myra's Unstable Element. A steal for a smooth 12.000 dust that keelhauls your opponent with a Raiding Party of Pirates and Lackeys.

Druids who want to win, play tokens. Druids who want to lose in style, play Heal Druid. While you can get bootleg versions for ~11k the most popular version adds Alexstraza for *life and hope' and 12.880 dust and a 47% winrate. If you have something to prove, you can also play a version with the Undatakah, Countess Ashmoore and Floop for an impressive 16.520 dust but it performs
even worse.

Hunter has seen many attempts to free the class from the eternal midrange beast theme. While some mech hunter variants try to expand the deathrattle theme with cards like the Undatakah and Cairne in some expensive decks around 11-14k, the midrange version of Mech Hunter for around 7.000 dust seems to perform better. Something interresting happened to Spell Hunter though: It's now a Malygos deck with OTK Potential if you draw Jepetto first. However if all your minions are legendaries, it takes a toll and the deck costs around 9.500 dust to craft from scratch.


While for Warlock, the entrance fee to the zoo is affordable, we'll spotlight a different deck here: Plot Twist Warlock does not shuffle bombs in the enemies deck, but rather Felhound Portals into your own and tries to summon lots of pesky little felhounds to survive long enough to either win the value game or reach fatigue to seal the deal with Hakkar. Unfortunately, despite the price tag of up to 14.000 dust, this deck performs poorly against all tier 1&2 decks exept maybe Thief Rogue. Also because drawing and re-shuffling your deck is really bad if it's full of bombs.

A cheaper alternative is a more classic Handlock (for example with Jaraxxus!) who's return was finally made possible through the rotation of the KFT hero cards. A trip down memory lane theoretically costs between 9 and 10 thousands dust but since these lists run a very large number of Classic and Basic cards, it might actually be affordable. Sadly Jaraxxus has little hopes of successfully facing the current meta of bombs and token druids.

Mrglgling is not your style and you always wished you could play Big Priest … but as a Shaman? Then Big Bad Morpher Shaman or Big Shaman might be your thing. Both can be a little slow but thanks to Lightning Storm and Hagatha's Scheme and hero card you stand a chance to survive early aggression and then bring out the big guns.

The most expensive Shaman deck however remains an old acquaintance: Shudderwock. While the most popular version is valued at ~15.000 dust, some players like to add in some extra Electras, Sandbinders and Harrison Jones – often with a detrimental effect on their winrate and dust count. Because such a deck might set you back by a whooping 17.800 dust.

When the Easter Noblegarden Bunny brought you some gigantic Mechano-Eggs you might be tempted to try Mech Paladin. By combining a Secret Package for early game tempo and Big sticky Mechs for late game value, this is one few decks that can compete with druids. If the usual legendaries like Tirion and Zilliax are not golden enough for you, you can skip the cheap secrets and replace them with greedy late game value cards like Undatakah, Nozari, Thekal, Ashmore and more buff spells fo a 15.820 dust abomination.

Decks that have "Big" in their name tend to also be expensive. Big Paladin is no exeption. If Oondasta, Shirvallah, Ysera and Batterhead entice you and 13.000 to 15.240 dust are no problem for you, then Test your mettle!

Priest decks are notoriously expensive but while RoS is trying to offer us a dirt cheap Silence Priest with only Common and Rare cards for 1440 dust, I know you have no interest in such plebeian ideas. You want to play OTK Priest for 13.100 dust!


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