We are proud and happy to share 1st Azerbaijan Hearthstone League with you

hearthstone 2 - We are proud and happy to share 1st Azerbaijan Hearthstone League with you

Hi Reddit. Rasad here. I am an E-sports activist in Azerbaijan. We are planning to do many projects to grow a better and successful E-sports Community here. First one of them is 1st Hearthstone League in my hometown Baku. After almost 5 years of game release there will be something more important towards the E-sports part of Hearthstone in Azerbaijan rather than a random tournament with inconsistent participants and player base.

First question that might come to your mind what do you do as an E-sports activist? We as a team trying to improve E-sports in Azerbaijan as competitive and entertaining as we can. For Hearthstone game we had some little tournaments and Fireside Gatherings throughout last year. For this year it is planned to make a 1st Hearthstone League. As we are happy to share this experience of ours with you, this is putting really heavy responsibilities on our shoulders as we must not have a room for failure. As it comes to our organisation part, we have Facebook page for Hearthstone, event page on Facebook and chat group of people to share our experiences (in this case information and progress about League) with people that we got to know from various occasions (Fireside gathering, little tournaments, etc.).


This is the event page https://www.facebook.com/events/784038201941657/ . We have written our League rules and have managed how participants going to play games for each week. As for each week participants can gather in one gaming place called Cyber Arena to play out their weekly games for free there and meeting with other players to have the opportunity to share their experiences and of course have fun times together.

Last Saturday we had the opportunity to start the league where the players played games of the 1st week. There are 14 participants in our league. There are some pictures of the 1st that we could share with you. https://imgur.com/gallery/SOj4cic . Even though we don’t have official channel to stream somehow we managed to it important and interesting games online. Overall we have the results of the first week and everything looks promising for the future of the E-sports of Azerbaijan.

All in all, with your feedback and our dedication hopefully we will have a successful finish. Today it might seem impossible for our Hearthstone players to play in HCT or in other official tournaments, we are hopeful to see one or two players of our community to represent us in respective tournaments.

TL; DR: There is a 1st Hearthstone League being held in Azerbaijan. We are trying to improve our community and players to represent us in official Hearthstone tournaments.

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