We need more communication from Team 5 regarding the Wild format

hearthstone 10 - We need more communication from Team 5 regarding the Wild format

Greetings. FirePaladin here. OG player, deckbuilder,writer,legendary player yada yada yada. The most important thing is that I'm a Wild player from the beginning of the whole Standard and Wild format thingy and after all those years I'm still confused about the Team 5s policy regarding the format. Because the balance choices are so random. That and the fact that there's almost 0 Wild official competitive scene make the whole format look like an anabdoned child left in the forest by his parents.

Today I want to raise some questions about the odd balance changes and card introductions since I have almost no hope for a proper all year competitive tournament events for an OG format of the HS

Wild has experienced so much metas and changes.Sometimes good. Sometimes bad. We will focus about a bad ones today because there is majority of them or they came too late to make impact:

Why was Dreadsteed nerfed to obvilion just because of his interaction with Defile,which is still capped at certain amount of triggers while there have been numerous boardclears printed which are as powerfull?(Plague of Flames,Mass Hysteria)

Priest received 2 major Wild nerfs. One being Raza which I partly agree with, but the second one is the Shadowboxer nerf because of its interaction with Zilliax on turn 7. As with the Defile case before the highest damage is capped again(around 30 damage divided between all enemy minions and hero). This interaction was considered problematic. Now instead of that we have way hardly counterable combo in form of SN1Plock on turn 5.

AK47 was probably the most oppresive deck in the HS history. Reason behind it is basically Sprint that tutors aka Juicy Psychmelon. Instead of that the nerf bullet hit Aviana. A combo enabling card which was never a problem before. This nerf resulted into almost 0 play of Combo Druid decks in ladder. I do understand that Psychmelon wasnt nerfed because it was new card. But it was a mistake hitting the Aviana with nerfhammer


You said you're looking for meta impact in both Standard and Wild when designing cards,yet we see cards like Psychmelon,SN1P SN4P or the latest addition in Saviours of Uldum- Secret Mage package. All of those mentioned cards either helped a Tier 2 deck to rise into opressive type of deck or create an absolutely new deck which with enough support becomes again gamebreaking.

What is the Team 5s statement about SN1Plock as a deck? Some players use 3rd party programs for playing and some of them are genuine players yet they are banned because of little bit faster APM. There's still no clear statement from Team 5 how much SN1P SN4Ps is ok in 1 turn.

The Wild nerfs overal are really unexplored and unpredictable field. Sometimes cards like Raza or Patches are nerfed before the rotation. Sometimes it takes a whole ad to take down Naga and sometimes its years and years before the Barnes is nerfed when Big Priest,the culprit of the nerf is barely hanging in Tier 3 already. Sometimes an absolutely meme card is nerfed like Shadowboxer or Dreadsteed because they enable combo which is powerfull yet not gamebreaking. The Team 5s policy about Wild nerfs is just confusing.

Now that I raised some questions I would like to hear more statements about Wild as a format. The format is amazing. The format has a lot of variety. The format has a lot of powerfull/broken comboes. And the format is home for a 1/10 par of the HS playerbase,old whales and the players which want to play HS with all the combo potentials.

I think that I don't speak for myself only if I say that Wild community would like to hear more feedback about the format balance,cards,old card packs and adventures and more official tournaments.

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