What could have been. (and maybe still could be)

hearthstone 3 - What could have been. (and maybe still could be)

Along with most of you, I am incredibly disappointed by how little development there has been over these years on anything that isn't new cards.

Imagine if we had the following 3 things:

  • New Modes:

This has been talked about a lot and the meat of my post is to talk about the next two things. But I believe the first step is to create a third ladder that uses rotating sets from all of them. It would behave like standard with the same maximum card pool size, but instead of always being the last 6 sets + classic/basic, it would be 6 pseudo-randomly picked sets. For example, it may have GvG, KotFT, OG, TGT, BRM, and MSG for a year or so. Then it would have a different set the next year.

I think this should be the major format edition, essentially giving us 3 core ladders (wild, standard, and this new one).

There should then still be even more ways to play. Tournament mode is a no brainer and dungeon run could get a revamp as a continuously supported mode.

  • Revamped and New Cosmetics:

I think this is a huge area where Hearthstone is missing so much potential in. What cosmetics do we have? Well, we got card backs. Then there are some overpriced heroes and a handful of heroes from giveaways or as bonuses. Think about how much more potential there is, though.

I will talk about this in the next section, but there should be a new currency which can be given as a reward.

Game Boards Why on earth is this still just something you are given randomly each game? Imagine if you had a choice similar to card backs (as well as letting it be random among boards you own). There is 0 reason that the board needs to be the same for both players. Players could purchase boards from a shop using earned currency. This gives another thing to work toward and lets you pick your favorite. If I really like the Naxx board-why is my only option to play with it a tiny random chance exclusive to wild?

Alternate Heroes Stick the previous ones in here and start adding some more into here. Suddenly it is no longer a huge deal that Tyrande was given out for a limited time. People who got on that managed to get her for free. Other people have the chance to earn her. No reason there can't still be more limited time handouts like Tyrande or Mecha-Jaraxxus, they just go to this new shop afterwards and the lucky people got them "free".

Hero intro animations See how Medivh flies in with a bunch of crows? Well what if you could unlock another possible intro where he teleports in with arcane magic?


Hero intro greetings "Victory or Death!" Well why not let us instead unlock Garrosh saying "Hellscream's eyes are upon you" or "Lok-Narash!"

Emotes Not only could there be different variants of Greetings emotes to unlock, you could also unlock the Sorry emote (and maybe others) and swap that in.

Other Board decorations Heroes currently come with their own "trays" (the area surrounding their portrait) but what if that was seperated from the heroes and you could mix and match? Maybe use Medivh with Khadgar's tray?

You could unlock slightly different looking mana crystals. Maybe they have perfectly round versions or electrified versions or ones with a green glow in the center.

You could unlock different deck "holders". The slot the deck goes into could be decorated very similarly to the trays. The little skull could also be included and vary depending on the holder you use.

The rope could have different versions. It could look more like a classic fuse instead of a rope. It could be a little goblin eating a row of candy into a trap.

Other Stuff I am one man writing this while bored on one lunch break. I am sure there are even more good cosmetics options.

  • New Rewards:

Currently it is extremely hard for them to give people meaningful rewards. Who really wants another card back? How many alternate heroes can we really have without it getting absurd? And you know they hate giving out too many free cards or too much free dust. Which is somewhat reasonable considering it is really the only way they make money.

But imagine if instead of just gold (and dust) we had some "gems" currency that could be used for the above mentioned cosmetics. Suddenly people have a reason to play again. These could be given as end of season rewards, they could be given as rewards for doing achievements (save that for another post), they could be given as rewards for completing single player content, and so on. Each of the three main ladders could reward this new currency at the end of the season-finally giving players some reason and motivation to do anything that isn't standard mode.

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