What is up with all the people that demand moving Leeroy to the HoF?

hearthstone 3 - What is up with all the people that demand moving Leeroy to the HoF?

Before I begin, let me acknowledge that I understand that r/hearthstone is mostly populated by casuals/whales/non-ladder grinders and these kind of people prefer control and combo decks and hate aggressive and midrange strategies.

I understand the argument that some players want to "be able to play their all cards" before the game is decided, but removing each and every bit of burst damage that is left in standard is yet another step towards this game devolving into solitaire fiesta. I have watched a few streamers playing their Mecha'thun decks versus other Mecha'thun decks and there was literally no interaction between them during the entire game other than triggering draw effects until one of the players assembled the full combo and won the game. Is that really the Hearthstone majority of players want? A race to assemble their win condition?

I would like to further point out that if aggro and midrange gets even weaker, there will be no point playing control decks (other than maybe Warlock, which is unlikely to be strong post-rotation given the loss of defile, spellstones and BRG among others), so rather than combo vs control meta (that some players hope for), we will all be playing combo decks and constantly refining lists in order to find the quickest possible way to go through your entire deck and find all the combo pieces before your opponent.

This is where aggro comes into play. It keeps combo decks and all other greedy decks honest. If burst damage options such as Leeroy are excluded from standard, this scenario is far less likely to come, as it will still be more beneficial to play another combo deck rather than trying to counter them.

Before you downvote me into oblivion, I have hit legend with aggro, combo and control decks in the past, so I am not hating on particular play styles, as I believe there should be place for all of them in HS. I'm playing since late Un'Goro and my opinion might not be very popular, but ever since I started playing the game, I keep on seeing aggressive strategies getting weaker and weaker, while stalling/removing and OTK keeps on getting better with each and every expansion. Cards like Leeroy Jenkins are here to make sure the latter do not get out of hand and therefore they should remain in standard.

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If you made it to the end of my post, I thank you.

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