What will happen to the current classes and meta decks in the Standard rotation? (in-depth video series + TL;DW)

hearthstone 4 - What will happen to the current classes and meta decks in the Standard rotation? (in-depth video series + TL;DW)

Over the past couple of weeks, I've went through all the classes in Hearthstone and looked at what they will lose and what strengths they will retain when the Standard rotation hits. This exploration includes cards, meta decks, and budget options.

Obviously, whatever the new set brings will have a drastic effect on the meta, but looking at what each class keeps gives us a baseline for what they will need from the new set to have a chance.

For example, think Cubelock in the previous rotation, it did not need a whole lot to live on. Compare to how Warlock was shattered in 2017 rotation as it did not get the new stuff it desperately needed to stay viable, and only recovered with Knights of the Frozen Throne pouring new life into the class.

Likewise, looking at the current cards, we can already see that Priest needs a lot of help and it needs it now, whereas something like a Warrior can probably do OK even if it gets nothing.

I've detailed all of this in a video series:

Some of the videos were made before the Hall of Fame announcement, although it just means that Odd/Even from those videos will die too. And Mecha'thun Druid. RIP.

Here is an ultra-compressed TL;DW version of classes from worst to best:

Priest: Worst class. Loses almost everything. Needs a lot of help from the expansion. Cannot even put together a coherent budget deck other than Divine Spirit + Inner Fire, which will suck without Shadow Visions.

Druid: Keeps Malygos combo and some token synergies, but loses removal and survivability. Second-worst class. Can't put together a budget deck.

Warlock: Loses all the control tools it had from Knights of the Frozen Throne and Kobolds and Catacombs. Think Journey to Un'Goro bad Warlock. At least there is always Zoo – Grim Rally, because Keleseth and Happy Ghoul will be gone. Zoo is life.

Mage: No armor. No lifesteal. No Odd – and all of Rastakhan was about supporting that Odd Mage. Can play with some minions and can probably put together a decent Tempo Mage deck with Cosmic Anomaly, Frostbolt, Fireball, etc.

Shaman: Best value grinder tools in town with Hagatha and Shudderwock. Maybe in Dragon shell, because loses many Elementals. Aggro Overload is almost untouched, can maybe rise from 48% or so to above 50%. No good budget options.

Paladin: Hakkar+Liam. Shirvallah+Banker+Holy Wrath. Can combo. Has Mechs and Kangor's Endless Army. Good potential. Budget Mech Paladin can work.

Hunter: Master's Call is still here. Zul'jin. Subject 9 in aggressive Secret build. Still great on budget with either Beasts or possibly Mechs.

Rogue: Captain Hooktusk and the Pirate gang is staying. Myra's Unstable Element is staying – tempo is A-OK. Someone will try to play Thief Rogue, but you should not. Classic/Basic gives a lot of utility, expansions give additional power, Rogue looks good.

Warrior: Mechs are staying. Dragons are staying. Rush minions are staying. Mecha'thun Warrior loses just about nothing – most popular builds lose one copy of Blood Razor. Warrior will be able to play just about any style, some of which should be good.

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