When I was younger…

hearthstone 5 - When I was younger...

I was accustomed to games that you had to bash your head against the wall for months before you finally mastered the mechanics enough to beat the game. Heck, I recently went back and tried to play Mortal Kombat 2 on Super Nintendo, and I literally couldn't make it past the 2nd boss without getting totally destroyed. But as a kid, I plugged away–and plugged away–at that stuff until I mastered the combos and the reaction times to be able to crush the AI, even in the face of randomness that would snuff you out seemingly pointlessly on occasion. My fingers became fast, and my mind was on top of it. The sense of accomplishment was wonderful. And that accomplishment took a significant chunk of time.

So here we are, in 2018. It's no longer the 90s. People tolerate the grind for ladder, but yet they do not tolerate it for solo content. And not just for Hearthstone, but for many games, across many platforms, both PC and console. What happened? The solo content for Rumble is just released, and everyone and their mother seems to think they are entitled to mastering it within hours. This strikes me as warped psychology. I personally enjoy how difficult the new solo content can be. Am I truly alone in this sentiment? Am I the only one who feels having a hellish challenge makes my time spent more worth it? It's a game. It's un-ranked solo content. Is it really so terrible that one might find themselves having to try again and again, just like the old days?


Remember Contra? Super Mario Bros 3? Sonic the Hedgehog? The OG Aladdin game? The Adventures of Link? None of these games made your life easy… but you'd return and try again, and again, because the gameplay was fun.

I personally find the shrine dynamic of the new solo content reminiscent of those old games. It takes the typical hearthstone dynamic, and throws you all the curveballs. And it is precisely those curveballs that makes this awesome and fun. But from reading so many comments on here, I feel like I'm in a severe minority, in the sense that I've enjoyed getting my ass handed to me, and having to stand up and try again. I'm glad it can be so freaking hard. I missed that kind of vibe. Is there anyone else who agrees?

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