Which ‘under the radar’ cards do you think will get Hall of Famed?

hearthstone 7 - Which 'under the radar' cards do you think will get Hall of Famed?

Whether or not you agree with blizzard's stance of keeping a core set while slowly siphoning cards out of it is a good idea or not; it's still fun to speculate on which classic cards will be moved to wild once the rotation hits. In the last few rotations, many cards that saw a lot of play across the board were moved (such as rag and azure drake), but many other cards like 'conceal' and 'molten giant' were moved not because they were inherently too powerful, but because they limited design space. Which cards do you think has a chance of being hall of famed this year, that will come as a surprise to many people?

It hasn't really seen play until recently, but personally I think that Mindblast has a pretty decent chance of being moved for two reasons; I believe it to be both design-limiting and going against the 'class identity' of Priest.

Firstly, it's obvious that this spell is super efficient in terms of damage vs mana cost. If the devs plan on releasing any more cards like shadow visions and radiant elemental that duplicate spells or reduce their cost, then this card has to go. Combined with a Prophet Velen and Malygos (another card that I think has a high chance of being moved) priests can use multiple discounted copies of this card to do ridiculous amounts of damage out of seemingly nowhere with very little counterplay. It's not very powerful by itself, but combine it with some of the other priest mechanics and it quickly has the potential to become oppressive. The risks of this only increase if more spell-copy or discount effects are added in the future.


Secondly Priest is pretty much established as a class that excels at controlling the board through various board clears, cards that interact with attack & health or steal from your opponent such as the shadow words and Cabal Shadowpriest, and cards that turn healing into damage like Auchenai (and I suppose silence is also a thing, but let's forget that ever happened). A '2 Mana: deal 5 to face' doesn't fit this mould at all; it seems like it would belong in hunter or mage – the only priest-like thing it has going for it is its name. The only other direct damage spell that priest has is Holy fire, which is expensive and also heals. Which also brings me to the reason why I don't think Velen will get moved:

Putting aside that I think it's unlikely that they would hall of fame a class legendary, Velen is fine because it is a Priest card. With the Priest's core class identity in mind, they either have to jump through multiple hoops to turn healing into face damage, in which case boosting that with Velen is acceptable; or it's used to control the board and increase healing output like using a spirit lash, or shadow hero power. Its power potential is limited by the core mechanics of the class it's in, it would be terrible if the card was in hunter or mage, but the only card that's ever turned him into a nightmare is the least priest-like card in the entire game.

Which cards that aren't pure-powerhouses do you think have a good chance of being moved out of the classic set?

EDIT: molten not mountain

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