Who is truly the most E.V.I.L?

hearthstone 3 - Who is truly the most E.V.I.L?

Now that all of the members of the E.V.I.L league are available, I think it’s important for us to study their character. Who are they really? How truly E.V.I.L are they? Are they loyal to the cause, or have they merely fallen in with a bad bunch?

I’ll be going over all nine playable characters and ranking them on how truly E.V.I.L they are. Why? Because I feel it’s important to note this all down. Some day down the line we’ll need to know this information, and without it we will be lost. That, or maybe it’s because I’m bored. One or the other.

Now then…

9) Squeamlish

Squeamlish is an absolute darling. She appears to be completely oblivious to what she’s actually doing, and even gleefully states she wants to help the heroes she’s supposed to be fighting against. She’s way in over her head, and she needs someone to recognise the goodness in her; to give her a chance at redemption before she crosses the line. She could easily be a hero if only someone could save her.

8) Ol’ Barkeye

This guy seems pretty oblivious. He’s definitely no saint like Squeamlish, though. Maybe it’s in his gnollish nature to join the E.V.I.L league. He puts up a tough front of being a fearsome opponent, but his emotes give him away as having a soft heart. I don’t think he’s really much of a villain, no matter what he tries to tell you.

7) George the Fallen

I rank him higher than Ol’ Barkeye because he’s definitely intelligent enough to know what he’s doing. But he’s not so high on this list, because I think he’s clearly crossed a despair threshold. He’s not E.V.I.L, just misguided. Having lost Carl in one way or another, he’s being dragged along by Rafaam, hoping to see his friend again. Even if they did reunite, would George ever be able to be redeemed? I think not. He’s too rough around the edges, and he probably won’t forgive himself for what he’s done.

6) Kriziki

Clearly a follower of C’Thun like Lazul, but there’s one other key motivation for her; she wants to fly. And Lazul has promised her that in return for her loyalty and support. Kriziki’s wishes and desires don’t justify her actions in Dalaran, but the motivation as such places her lower on the ranking of E.V.I.L, in my eyes. I think if someone else offered her flight, she might just take it and turn her back. I can’t say for sure though; she definitely has a heart of darkness.


5) Captain Eudora

I had a really hard time deciding between Eudora and Rakanishu here. In the end, I chose Eudora, since she carries an air of mischievousness in her criminal activity. She does awful things, terrible things, but her devil-may-care attitude rubs off her E.V.I.Lness ever so slightly. I get the feeling if she hadn’t joined the League, she’d be searching for treasure on the seas instead.

4) Rakanishu

Simplistic in nature. What else do you expect from a fire elemental? Like Ol’ Barkeye, his actions feel more from his state of being than any real conscious choice. All fire wants to do is burn. Even through that, however, his emotes suggest a very dark side to him. “I came here for arson, but I’ll settle for assault”, outlines his true disdain for those who would stand in his way.

3) Vessina

She feels E.V.I.L, through and through. Everything in her, from her voice intonations, to the lines she speaks, to her overall look, make it obvious she has no qualms or regrets about what she’s doing. She has a one track mind. Her purpose is clear. Nothing will stand in her way, and the quicker she kills her prey, the better. She doesn’t revel in her E.V.I.L, but it infuses her all the same.

2) Tekahn

Tekahn only comes second on this list because his E.V.I.L feels more ‘cartoonish’, per se. He does E.V.I.L things for its own sake. No reluctance to carry out the job, and enjoys it all; each hero in his path is another opportunity to show off how E.V.I.L he really is. However, the first on this list…

1) Mr. Chu

A hardened criminal. Has certainly killed plenty before the heist. I wouldn’t put it past him to have tortured his foes. Mr. Chu is solid, real E.V.I.L. And what makes him the top here is the fact that he has chosen to fall in with the League, not for E.V.I.L’s sake, but for real, complex and understandable reasons. He has no remorse in his actions and he’s probably going to keep on doing terrible things until he dies. I hold no hesitation in calling Mr. Chu the most E.V.I.L of them all.

What are your thoughts? Do you think I misranked any? Let me know! Hopefully through this discussion we can decide who truly deserves to be Rafaam’s right hand man/woman.

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