Why giving us 25G instead of 10 for our first three-wins of the day would be beneficial to players and Blizzard alike

hearthstone 8 - Why giving us 25G instead of 10 for our first three-wins of the day would be beneficial to players and Blizzard alike

Many games these days have a daily bonus. Some more indy games even have a small daily login bonus that you get simply for loading the game up. These are intended to get people hooked on the game, with the itch that if they don't log in each day, they're missing out on free stuff.

With Hearthstone, these are called Quests. And they're awesome. But they're not as effective as they might be, because you can store them up over a few days, and sometimes, a new player might not have access (or interest in playing) a class from the daily, and will have already used up all of their rerolls. Sometimes, quests aren't enough to actually motivate someone to play the game—or, they'll just make a custom deck (full of Divine Shield minions for the Tiny Bubbles one) and grind out the quest in a single game, win or loss be damned. I've done this with the Overload quest myself, and if you hop into the Casual queue, you'll be able to spot a daily quest deck pretty quickly if you've got an eye for them.

If I throw a bunch of Zaps into a stupid little deck, play 10 things, and concede and turn 6, did I really interact with the game?

The benefits to players are obvious—of course we love more gold. But I'm making an appeal to Blizzard here. I really think that, by bumping the first gold reward of each day from 10 gold to 25 gold, you will encourage more people to interact with your product on a regular basis.

Let's say someone wins three games a day for a week, for the maximum product loss for Blizzard. They stand to make 175 gold instead of 70. Blizzard already gives out one free pack a week for the Tavern Brawl. Isn't that extra pack-worth of gold worth it if you got someone to play your game for the requisite, let's be generous and say an hour, that it takes to get three wins?


Or, let's look at gold farmers. Let's say, hypothetically, that someone (or someone using a bot) was able to make the maximum amount of gold for each day of a week. Then, the difference is even less substantial: 805G compared to 700. Clearly not something for Blizzard to be worried about, in perspective.

And then you have people like me who have a legitimately unhealthy obsession with numbers who will finally be willing to play Arena because they're not going to fear that dreaded 5 at the end of every win, knowing that it will simply flip between something that happens every day! (This was a big problem for me in Heroes of the Storm until they added a similar bonus to your first win of the game, which is where I got the idea in the first place.) I realize that I'm the freak here for carrying this much about a stupid 5, but it really does bother me a ton, and I imagine a lot of players are annoyed about it at least a little.

All in all, it will make that 10 gold for three wins feel a little bit less measly, and given the positive reactions you've had to the Summer Events, plus the Chromie event, as well as the changes you made to quests a while back, I think it will make a lot of people very happy.

On that note, I'd like to thank you, Blizzard, for all the changes you've been making lately to my favorite game! These buffs were a great idea, and I'm glad you finally seem to be listening to the community. That's why I entreat you to give us a little bit more bang for our buck, because if we're going to win three games a day for four days straight, I don't think it's unreasonable to get a single pack for our troubles. With that little extra motivation to play each day, I think you'll find more new players willing to grind out the packs required to build a decent deck, and that the increased login numbers will easily make up for any difference in pack sales, and then some.

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