Why Heal Pally is strong and needs no obvious win condition

hearthstone 3 - Why Heal Pally is strong and needs no obvious win condition

I saw a lot of comments regarding Heal Pally needing a true 'win condition'.

Here is how my games played out, why I won most of them. Why you don't need a win condition, you have just a hell of awesome tools at your disposal and the opponent cant keep up.

(Of course it was day 1 but it was fun)

  • You don't hit yourself, to heal up again as mentioned by Firebat (who I respect). The game plan isn't damaging yourself enough, so that cards which heal you benefit more. It's controlling as much as possible early on and get most benefits mid to late game when healing back up (if you didn't draw Thekal). Or when drawn, then healing over the top
  • Thekal buys so much more time and makes the deck overall viable. Not in a single game was playing this card bad.
  • Kangor is nearly Reno Jackson. Combined with Shirvallah, Uther or Lay on Hands (he existed before of course but now the deck is playable and Kangor has value early on). He is somehow hard to remove and needs to be dealt with
  • Immortal Prelate with Steed is extreme value. But I played the card often enough without any buff in hand because it needs to be silenced/transformed/dealt with. That alone is good and saves other minions like Tirion, Lich King or Taunts later on
  • Time Out did not only gave me more time, I even could jebait my opponent into playing more minions on the board and clear everything with the good ol Equality + Consecration. Of course people will play around this but if it even stops the opponent for dropping more minions, thats extremely useful as well.
  • Zandalari Templar is very strong. If it would need one less health to be active it would be OP. The fact that you don't have to keep the card in hand and heal the ammount is key. Drop this to force a silence and your Lich King will be happy
  • Uther did not win me any game with his hero power. But forcing my opponents to answer the horseman once in a turn changed how I could be more aggressive.
  • The best for last: My opponents lost all their steam and answers to my stuff. They need to answer Kangor, Shirvallah (if they don't want to heal you for another 7), Steeds, Lich King, Tirion, Zandalari Templar, Immortal Prelate. The deck has so much high value stuff. You can reset the board with Tarim and of course Equality-Consecrate.
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I lost to a single pre expansion zoolock because I didn't draw Consecration. But I let bleed out a Token Druid and same with Gonk-Druid (I don't go wide), beat an Odd mage with DK Jaina and crushed something which wanted to be a Spell Hunter (even with his DK ready, but him hero powering cost him the match). Those were the most memorable.

I did not list my Undatakah with Pinata above because I only could play Undatakah once and had already won. It is only in the deck to play new stuff as well.


Thanks Blizzard for this deck.

Edit: Oh his name is Thekal, Thekal, Thekal, Thekal… ok got it. Not Thekla

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