[Wild] Miracle Espionage Rogue W/ Guide!

hearthstone 10 - [Wild] Miracle Espionage Rogue W/ Guide!

This deck plays very similarly to miracle rogue. Your game plan is to draw out your deck with auctioneer. However, it is very important to get the espionages off before you go in with your auctioneer, however it is not essential, and going in with an auctioneer to find your key cards is definitely viable. It is important to note that your main win condition is cutlass, so do not waste attacks on it without durability buffers.

Mulligan guide:

priest: sap, academic espionage, elven minstrel, cavern shinyfinder

shaman: backstab, eviscerate, cavern shinyfinder, sap

rogue: cavern shinyfinder, lotus agents, backstab, eviscerate

warrior: backstab, cavern shinyfinder, eviscerate, sap (always mulligan as if its pirate warrior, odd warrior is a very easy matchup)

warlock: sap, academic espionage, elven minstrel, cavern shinyfinder

paladin: fan of knives, sap, cavern shinyfinder, eviscerate

mage: backstab, eviscerate, cavern shinyfinder, sap

hunter: academic espionage, elven minstrel, eviscerate, vanish

druid: academic espionage, elven minstrel, fan of knives, gadgetzan auctioneer.


this deck is a very near auto-win against slow control decks (big priest, odd warrior, jade druid etc). Against these decks, you want to find your espionages and auctioneer to try to flood the board and run them out of the game. Make sure you have the cutlass equipped before you cycle through too many 1 mana cards. Against aggressive decks, this deck does not perform that well. Try to keep shinyfinder, fan of knives, backstab, eviscerate, and sap against these decks.

Things worth noting:

-playing a death knight will change your current class to that of the respective death knight, and tess will play all of your rogue cards (including your cutlass, which will break it.). If you play a hero card from another class, play valeera the hollow before you play tess.

-Dont be afraid to play tess against aggro decks having only played a few minions, it's often a large enough tempo swing to edge them out.

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