With the Blizzcon time schedule, we can see that there will probably be only expansion announcement and nothing else.

hearthstone 10 - With the Blizzcon time schedule, we can see that there will probably be only expansion announcement and nothing else.

Because of the time, which is the same as last year, maybe even less of it, we will just probably see the upcoming expansion for this year. In the opening "ceremonial" for Hearthstone, we will get some info about it and after that in like 6-8 hours, we will probably get more in-depth look, but that will be probably it. Looking like no achievements, no tournament mode, no new game mode, nothing interesting. Don't get me wrong, I'm playing from Beta, I love Hearthstone, I love new expansions and in particular last 2 of them were awesome on the design site, also with the adventures, but It's just time to do something new now.

There are a lot of issues right now, which I thing aren't that hard to fix and could be nice from the team if they could manage that. They were fixing a lot of things in the past, even when their team was really small and nowadays, their team has a lot of people and in every major update we can only see like max. 10 bug fixes, but not only the main ones and even 2-3 of them being for the phones? That's a big oof for me.

I just don't enjoy Hearthstone for now as I did in the past as I said previously and I'm not even doing daily quests, even If I have time for It. I played a lot of games every day, like 30+ if I had time for it.

There are some things that I think would be nice to do to get people more interested, including me:

-> "Mixing up adventure + expansion" as it's now, but also giving people some key cards from the expansion after completing the adventure or even adding something like 40 cards set just separated from adventure. I loooved older adventures so much, just because of the reward potential and my deck building.

-> "Better ladder experience" I would say, giving people random golden rare card for every rank they get up on the ladder is something that is motivating for us and would be highly appreciated. Maybe even giving us a random classic legendary card for reaching legend rank would be awesome too. New skins, cardbacks, voicelines, board features, etc. as a ladder experience rewards would get a lot of attention too.

-> "Better communication" Ben Thompson said, that we will hear more from them in this year, but It's looking like It's even worse than before.

-> "Better Hearthstone support or Blizzard support in general" I would say, that there are some people, who doesn't even understand the game at all (For example when they just said someone that he disenchanted his "basic" card, when It's a bug right now.) Also banning people without showing them evidence or explaining them what they did wrong is for me also really bad thing. 3 friends of mine got banned for just a stupid thing (permanently), just because they shared their account with streamer, who just opened few packs on his stream from their accounts. They spent together like 4000€, maybe even 5000€. I think If you don't do anything that is harmful for other people you shouldn't be perma-banned for it as If the streamer do something to your account, that's just your problem, but if both sides just agreed on things, as I said, which aren't somehow harmful for other people, I think It's fine. Other games have the same thing (which is account care), where you can manage other player accounts just for things like creating decks, playing in casual, playing in solo player content, brawl, opening packs, etc.


-> "Better bug fixes and care in general" I reported a lot of bugs, which aren't fixed for like half a year or more now, they aren't big or something, but they are just annoying. I think that also a lot of people are complaining on forums about something in bug section or technical support, but only very few of them gets actually any response, which isn't good as people just wants to get their things fixed. Also another thing is that there just isn't a page, where you can see all the gathered bugs/technical things so other people just could be already aware that someone already asked before about certain problem and if there is something, It's update like once per month, maybe once per 2 weeks, but that's it. Also there is only a few bugs mentioned when there just is a lot more of them already known. Also deleting the fixed issues would be nice too as It's better to orient on the page It self.

-> "Achievements + Skins" I think I can leave it there just like that without even saying anything, as I think It's clear enough.

-> "More gaming boards and interactions" I was so excited when there was something new added into the game, like the haloween themed boards, but now, they are just every year the same, without any change (except the newest one). Also I love clicking on things when my opponent is roping, so that's also another thing.

-> "Better dust economy" The worst feeling is that when you miss like 5 epic cards and you just open something that you already own like 50 times. Another thing is that rare and common cards are so underrated that you need to open a lot of packs to craft only one legendary card. And… another thing is that you just can't upgrade cards to their golden versions for something like 1/2 normal card price or something, which is annoying too.

-> "More weekly events" like going back to Black Rock Mountain for a week, rewarding you with some older cards, or something like that, but just in general more things that you can do to get more rewards for doing something else than just grinding golds/ladder.

-> "More frequent nerfs" this topic is really common, but really, just experiment more with things and If you can see that something is strong as fck, just don't be shy and nerf it immediately and maybe if you don't like it, just revert it back. Wild is also a mode, so there is a lot of insane decks and cards, that could be a little bit nerfed, so pleaaase, keep that also in mind.

Pleeeeease Hearthstone devs don't disappoint me this time, I'm really on the edge now.

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