Wonderous Wisdomball abilities.

hearthstone 10 - Wonderous Wisdomball abilities.


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These abilities can randomly activate during a game and can activate multiple times during a game. No idea what the chances are.

  • Shuffle a minion that just died into your deck:

Not that good, pretty slow.

  • Extra turn:

Very powerful effect, but very random to rely on. If only he always did this.

  • Changes a minion you play into a random legendary:

Decent….unless you played say your most powerful card and it changed into a 1/1 legendary then you'd be pretty annoyed.

  • Changes the cost of a card you draw:

Completely random, can be good, can be horribly bad.

  • Heals you for a random amount:

I mean, healing isn't bad, but for a passive it's pretty weak of an ability. It might help at some point.

  • At the End of an opponents turn/When your opponent summons a minion, summon 3 taunt minions:

This is pretty darn strong. 3 taunt minions are generally higher costing so basically summon 3 good minions.

  • At the start of your turn, draw 2 cards:

Extra resources are pretty good. Decent ability, would rather some of the other ones though.

  • Makes sure you go first:

Um…pretty useless because you always go first. Yeaaaaaaaaah.

  • Plays a spell you played, again at or a random target:

Decent depending on the spell. Though if you cast pyroblast and it's a random target while you are at under 10hp….that is when you start to reconsider your life choices.

  • Destroy the entire field:

Pretty good when you are falling behind. Horrible if not.

  • Give you an extra mana crystal at the start of the game. Gives you 2 more mana crystals if you against the last boss:

I mean, ramp is always good.

  • Fill your hand with a card you drew at the start of your turn/Add 1-9 copies of a card you drew to your hand:
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Imagine drawing a 10 cost card…

  • If you are about to die, gives you ice block for the turn:

Keeps you from dying for the turn so it's pretty good.

  • Change your fatigue damage to 1:

Helps when you need to outlast an opponent.

  • If you run out of cards then you will be given more:

Again, anti-fatigue and generally more steam against a difficult boss.

  • If a friendly minion dies, add 3? copies of it to your hand:

Really good if it hits a strong target like the Lich King.

  • If you play a treasure, shuffle a random treasure into your deck:

Double the treasures, double the fun! (Though pretty slow, a treasure is still a treasure)

  • After you play a card, add a random amount of random cards to your hand:

Refills are always good to come by…unless it's 5 angry chickens, then not so much.

  • Freeze the entire enemy field, including the enemy hero:

I think he misread frost nova.

And that is all I've been able to discover so far. So if anyone happens to know more then I will add them to the list.

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