Year of the Dragon Checklist

hearthstone 3 - Year of the Dragon Checklist

Hearthstone: Year of the Dragon Checklist

Card sets from 2017 will be rotating and unplayable in Standard, specifically:

  • Journey to Un'Goro (Un'Goro) released April 2017
  • Knights of the Frozen Throne (KFT) released August 2017
  • Kobolds and Catacombs (KnC) released December 2017

So here are things you want to do before Year of the Dragon begins (April 9th).

☐ Make sure to finish KFT Prologue

Finishing the Prologue rewards you with a free Legendary Death Knight. Additionally, if you finish the Adventure you can get up to 3 more KFT packs. (F2P Guide for First Wing, Second Wing, and Final Wing)

☐ Have Purchased at least one KnC pack

Your first purchase of a KnC pack rewards you with a free Legendary:
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Marin the Fox. This card cannot be disenchanted or crafted.

☐ Keep an Unfinished Arena Run at two Losses

When the rotation happens, your Arena draft will contain "illegal Wild cards" and be auto-retired. You will get a free Arena ticket and the rewards for however many wins you currently have. So once you have 2 Losses, stop playing, wait for rotation, and get a minimum of 1 free pack.

☐ Craft for Hall of Fame

The full Hall of Fame Guide can be found here. This is a great way to get a 12-50% return on your dust (or just free dust if you already own the cards). You can even save cards if you think they will be nerfed in the future with no downside, e.g Genn and Baku. (See Example 4 in the guide).


☐ Year of the Mammoth Events

Log in March 25th through April 2 to receive 3 free card packs! (one each from Un’Goro, KFT, and KNC) The Tavern Brawl starting April 1 gives you an opportunity to earn a Rise of Shadows pack and on April 5th you get a free Rise of Shadow legendary that is immediately usable in Play Mode. There will also be a quest chain on launch (April 9th) to reward multiple card packs.

☐ Disenchant Rotating cards

I do not recommend this as I enjoy Wild and I've seen a lot of regret posts about people dusting Wild cards. But that is your decision to make, not mine. Here is a sheet that will use the cards you own and, using Wild HSReplay stats, allow you to view ones that are and are not used in Wild. (Works with Hearthpwn and HSReplay accounts). Anything below the 10-20% range is probably safe to dust. However, new cards, mechanics, synergies, or nerfs may invalidate this list so be warned no guide is 100% accurate or safe.

☐ Anything I'm missing? I try to keep it simple but I'm not perfect. Let me know!

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