You are the architech of your life, of your dreams or your nightmares. Inspired in World Of Warcraft and Hearthstone

hearthstone 2 - You are the architech of your life, of your dreams or your nightmares. Inspired in World Of Warcraft and Hearthstone

zvmf2dlwqtm31 - You are the architech of your life, of your dreams or your nightmares. Inspired in World Of Warcraft and Hearthstone

The future is ours

Just to clarify this article is only just about my thoughts and my interpretation on the phrases on the WOW lore and Hearthstone cards opening, attacking and triggering phrases. I hope you enjoy it.

World of Warcraft is a great inspiration to me, and Hearthstone is like going to a WOW tavern for some drinks while a play cards with a night elf, or maybe a gnome. When playing hearthstone if you have this card Stargazer Luna will say: "the future is ours". And it truly is. We're creators every single day. We create relationships with others, we create harmony around us, we create our environment to work, to have intimacy, to be connected with ourself and with the entire world. We create our lifestyle. We create plans and projects to (hopefully) see it through, to have it completed successfully. We have created our modern civilization and live in society making things work one way or the other. Is not perfect but here we are.

But as life goes on sometimes we feel trapped in situations we never imagined we could possibly live. Our lives are a mess, we end up involved in unhappy relationships, unhealthy jobs and a lifestyle we dislike, and maybe we end up living in a city or a country we feel we don't fit in. But I did everything that I was taught to do, you may say. And yet results were not as expected. But let me ask you: do you have enough faith in yourself?, if I tell you that you have the power and potential to make your life better and fulfilling, would you accept the challenge even against all odds?

Because let's face it, is easier to keep following your daily routine just as it is, even if what you do will have a poor or not so good impact but just because is predictable, is a safe bet. Is a natural feeling for us human being to get scared under uncertainty, but is it worth to not try something new to improve your life?

There's an interesting effect triggering phrase that Stargazer Luna says: behold the tools of creation. And you have those tools of creation inside you, and all you need to do is to use them according to who you are and what you can actually do. We all have different strengths that we can bring to the table, maybe you excel at being a creative and innovative person, maybe you have a robust logic and problem-solving skills, maybe you have tremendous emphatic skills to understand others people feelings.


But you do have tools of creation of your own. Oh yes, I have the potential but I'm afraid to use this or that skill because I don't think is good enough you may say. Or you may say now is not the perfect time or the perfect moment. The perfect time and the perfect moment will never exist, so you will never try, and you'll never make mistakes. And by never making mistakes or owning them you miss out something really important: you'll never learn something new and therefore you'll never nurture your self-growth. And that the recipe to create your own nightmare.

Creating involves making mistakes, involves learning from them so you can be better and better every single day. And is possible, but to make things happen, to create your inner paradise and reflect it to the outside world there's one creation tool that is essential: self-confidence. It will unlock the doors to new possibilities.

But how to nurture self-confidence? My advice: do something that feels uncomfortable and reward yourself after accomplishing it. Get out of your comfort zone and do it!. Do you consider yourself a terrible dancer? take dancing classes. You don't know how to swin? learn how to swim. Do you play an MMORPG like WOW but you feel anxious about the idea of playing a tanking role? then do it!, play as a tank. Be gentle with yourself, put yourself in that uncomfortable situation bit by bit until you feel comfortable enough.

Don't be afraid to ask help from others is ok. And when you make mistakes don't be harsh on yourself. Is ok, give yourself permission to learn from it. Life is about experiences and sometimes you have to fail again and again until things flow just fine.

Do not allow yourself to indulge into excuses: the best moment to build self-confidence was yesterday, the 2nd best moment is now. Only you have the power to unlock this gift.

The only way to create the outcome you wish is by nurturing yourself and giving yourself room for self-growth. All you have to do is to trust yourself. When you feel like hope is gone, when you think everything is lost, when you don't feel like trusting yourself and nothing will work, remember Stargazer Luna. Remember that the future is yours, and that is never too late to create a better life. As Luna says: behold the tools of creation, your tools of creation that are there to shine bright and light your path for a better present and a better future.

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