Zayle, Shadow Cloak decks have been updated!

hearthstone 9 - Zayle, Shadow Cloak decks have been updated!

I haven't seen any updates or posts discussing this, so I figured mine would be the first. My apologies if this is something that everyone except me knew about, but I'm willing to bet that it's not.

EDIT: This post was already made regarding it so go check that out if you want.

A friend and I were playing some Hearthstone and goofing around, and he decided to play one of Zayle's decks. When we started the game, he was playing Quest Shaman, so we realized that the decks Zayle gives you must have been updated, since Zayle was released during Rise of Shadows, but the Shaman quest was from the next expansion, Saviors of Uldum. Makes sense, since some of the cards in those decks may be moving to wild and the devs may have wanted to keep Zayle standard only for now.

I hopped over to practice mode and played a few rounds against the innkeeper in practice just to see what had changed, and here's what I discovered:

-Every deck has been updated, and the update was relatively recent – there are a few cards from Galakrond's Awakening in there.

-Shaman had some pretty big changes, it's now a Quest Shaman deck containing a few lackeys and aggro/swarm tools.

-Priest is still focusing on Silence Priest, though there are a few smaller Res Priest options thrown in there as well with cards like Injured Tolvir and Psychopomp.


-Warrior is still mostly Bomb Warrior, and it's been updated with cards like Bomb Wrangler. There's also a larger emphasis on Lackeys in this deck than there was in the original.

-Rogue is still Lackey Rogue, with new cards like Grand Lackey Erkh to help it out. Probably the deck that changed the least.

-Warlock had some big changes too: it's now a Quest Warlock deck with basically all of the cards that you'd expect from that kind of deck.

I didn't make comprehensive deck lists for each because I don't have the time/patience to do so, but if someone wants to for whatever reason that would be great.

So the question remains…are these decks better than they were?

Well, I'll admit I'm not the best at judging the power of different decks in this game, and I haven't played any of them on ladder yet. But from what I can tell, they do seem at least marginally better than they were (except for maybe Priest which still kinda sucks). However, it doesn't seem like they're crazy good now, so I doubt that these changes make Zayle 100% ladder viable.

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