Heroes of the Storm

-1 Division, 50% winrate, how?! *explain personal rank adj*

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - -1 Division, 50% winrate, how?! *explain personal rank adj*

So this Season placed me in plat5. I've played a lot of games in this season, mostly with my pals of various rankings.
At one point I've had a 70% winrate, after that I started getting NEGATIVE PERSONAL RANK ADJUSTMENT. It started out as -3, later it became worse, -11, -15 etc… Now, after 334 games I stand at exactly 50/50 winrate but suddently find myself in Silver1 instead of Plat5. I've played all the games to my best ability, got MvP more than 10% of the time, so WTF!!!
I would be ok if it said: -15PRA because you died more than your avg., or..
-11PRA because you did 11% less dmg than usual…
You won!! you got MvP, you had top dmg + least deaths === -15PRA!!!
WHY! FFS, let me understand.
Blizzard used to be able to give you a sense of achievement and progression. While I had a positive winrate I was constantly bombarded with negative penalty points. Now that my winrate normalised I find that I dropped 6 full ranks while still receiving negative points and I have no idea why…
If I win: +185p
if I lose: -215p
And I have no fcking idea WHY!
It gives me a 'congratulations: you died less than usual' message on the score screen but never an explanation why all my ranked points get slashed.
HotSLogs also ranks me as Dia.. so I really don't have a clue how this system works.
Any1 have any ideas? Is the algorithm just picking on me or did I really place too high during the last 3 years?


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