Heroes of the Storm

10 suggestions and wishes for Heroes of the Storm

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - 10 suggestions and wishes for Heroes of the Storm

Hello Dear Developers!

I have suggestions, wishes and ideas for the game.

  1. I propose adding a new feature to the player profile:

The ability to see exactly which characters were purchased and is available from the player.

Go in and see to another player what he has in stock.

It is his open characters. Sort: My characters

And immediately his characters will be displayed.

At the moment, there is no such possibility. Please add.

  1. On the battlefield playing for Diablo, the Rat, Kahir, Auriel. As I understand it, there are

other characters.

All objects are automatically selected. And when approaching them.

How can I turn this off?

Their capabilities in battle are simple and clear. Why force all objects to be selected in battle?

If not, then:

Please add the ability to remove the forced selection of objects.

A new function (key combination) in the control settings for manual shutdown.

Those who need selection of objects will be included in the settings.

Those who do not need selection of objects will be turned off in the settings.

Choice: Turn on or off.

Please make changes.

  1. Remove all copies (coloring) of Images and Transport.

Too many of them. It is not normal.

At the moment, the value of images and transport is lost.

The same images and transport only occupy a place.

Leave only original images and vehicles.

Extra remove.

  1. Add the ability to see 8 selected characters from another player. As well as in your profile.

It is interesting to see which exactly 8 selected characters from a friend and other players.

  1. An opportunity to look at a friend and other players what kind of images are dressed on their

heroes. And then everywhere the same standard. Boring.

  1. Add Clans to the game and all functions with them. Plus clan wars add to the game. There are

clans on Android in MOBA and this is quite normal. Why is MOBA on PC worse? Variety must be in the


game. Think about it.

  1. The new battle mode. Confrontation. Purpose: to win one of the teams must kill 50 heroes. Only

then will it be possible to destroy the enemy stronghold. On the map, the strength of all

buildings is increased by 100%.

  1. Increase the strength of all buildings by 50% and add shields for forts and fortresses. After

all, the citadel has shields and forts and fortresses do not. Too fast for players to smash forts,

gates, and walls. Players and event creatures quickly destroy fortresses. The citadel needs extra

strength. Players at 20 levels become very strong and all buildings for them become weak and


You can even do it differently. The higher the team’s level, the stronger all the buildings.

  1. Increase the damage of all buildings by 20-30%. Judging by the fact that buildings attack only

one target and release one shell each, their effectiveness becomes ineffective against several

targets. The higher the level, the stronger become the heroes, event creatures, minions and

mercenaries. Only here the buildings as they were at the initial levels in their strength and

attacks remain. This is not fair and not correct in relation to the defensive part of all

buildings. You can even do it differently. The higher the team’s level, the stronger all the buildings.

  1. Remove the weather from the game forever. From it lags start, fps drop, high ping, slowdowns.

This problem is observed in many players. Judging by the reviews and complaints of the players.

Prior to the update, there were no problems with optimization.

Please convey my suggestions, wishes and ideas for the development of the game to developers for consideration.

I hope for your understanding.

All the best!

P.S. Translated by Google translator

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