Heroes of the Storm

44.0 Changes, including datamines

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - 44.0 Changes, including datamines

For the first time in a long while, the PTR and Live files are completely the same. Good job blizz.

General Changes

CollectionCategory has been removed from all heroes. So Azmodan is no longer Specialist, Butcher no longer Damage, etc. This is because it has been replaced with Expanded Role.

Missing expanded roles were added (Artanis = Bruiser, Ana = healer, TLV = support, all warriors without bruiser = tank)

Some characters (Azmodan, Butcher, Morales, Uther, Hanzo) have more actors or sounds added. Alextrasza got some sounds have longer range of effect and lower volumes.

There's a fountain help text tag added for the chaos team. This is a newbie UI helper, most likely to tell you that you've gone over the games that only have you on the left side and you can now appear on the right.

There's a new 3 day stimpack that's not the one gotten from Lootboxes. It's going to be given by this event.

Quests are now: Play Warrior (Tanks and Bruisers), Play Assassin (Melee and Ranged), Play Support (Healer and Support). Play Specialist no longer exists and the universe and big quests did not change.

The Damage Taken is unlinked to warriors on the config and Healing is unlinked with supports. I was told this means that now everyone will have those 2 datapoints visible on the tab scoreboard.

Some old skins have had a new variation added. These are: Anubarak Cyber Neon var1, Kerrigan Ghost var5, Auriel Hanamura var 5, Probius ultimate var 8, Zarya Hanamura var 5

AI Changes

There's many more AI changes, which would take too long for me to learn (as I'd have to first learn what many things mean).

Nevertheless here's a quick guide of what I know:

Increased hysteresis from 15 to 25. Lane First hysteresis no longer gains a bonus.

Dragon Shrine objectives became a bigger priority by 10~25%.

AI won't try to get merc camps when below 30%. But overall they're going to try to get them much more commonly.

Pushing lane priority got reduced by about 40%.

Sipping because of missing health got a heavy reduction, while sipping due to missing mana got a big improvement.

The threshold to go back to the altar went from 60% health to 40% health.

Hero Changes


  • For some reason the wandering keg movement removal was recoded. Most likely a bugfix.


  • Lightning Breath now disables all abilities, instead of attack/targetted/instant. This is because on the files there wasn't an actual way to disable all abilities but a way to disable targetted abilities, a way for point blank abilities, etc. Now it's global for all abilities.


  • Noxious Blossom from 15% Unified Move to 12% Additive Move. In case you're wondering, unifieds do not stack with other unifieds, which is about 90% of all movespeed increases.


  • Fixed an interaction between Ice Block and Icy Veins.
  • Sadly, the iceblock bug in try mode is still here.


  • Ultralisk' leech recipient is now the creator. Do note that you were still getting the shield leech before the patch, so this must be a bugfix. Was the ultralisk' shield able to bypass assimilation's max shield?


  • Tour Bus have a small recoding, in the same way that Lightning Breath did.


  • LongBoat Raid is now able to capture points.


  • StimDrone attack speed and move speed are now two different buffs. This has no impact unless there's an ability that explicitly removes movespeed boosts and I don't recall there being any.


  • The octograb impact no longer inherits cloak. Can… can you make the shark invisible?


  • Expanded Role from Melee Assassin to Bruiser. Now you can stop PMing me asking why blizz chose MA over B.


  • Bloodlust's AS and Leech is now a separate buff from the MS. Just like stim drone.

Sgt Hammer

  • Shrapnel Mines max stack count down from 20 to 3. Do not that this isn't technically a nerf, as -armor used to be -25 max and now it can stack up to -30.


  • Savor the flavor got recoded. It now has a visual for the mana restore, just like the health bar's.


  • Dark Lady's Call now has the category VisionRemoval and a small trigger change. It now checks if the unit has a vision removal effect and if it doesn't it apply the vision removal. A bugfix for multiple vision removal making the effect permanent.
  • Old withering barrage data was erased (it used to be a flat -4s CD on Q). Was there a way to access both?


  • Odin's startup got the immune to allied and enemy displacement flags now.


  • Archangel's Wrath also got the disable all abilities treatment seen in Lightning's Breath.


  • Divine Intervention's MS got a separate buff now.
  • Spirit of Redemption got the disable all abilities treatment.


  • Last Laugh no longer decloaks you.


  • Eye of Horus pre search now ignores self, vehicles and items. It also no longer shows as a crit with the accumulator. The allied heal no longer affects people in stasis or time stop.
  • Antihealer now increases the radius of the effect by 1.8, for a total radius of 4.05 now.


  • Here are the changes.
  • Personal Opinion: The changes try to fix a deep problem with Chromies design, and that's there's not many knobs to finetune for her. That's because her power budget was way too steep into Q and W, and those two abilities had only two variables to work with: Damage and Range. And having too much of those things do not create a healthy design. With the current update, they're trying to give her a secondary effect to W, zone control, thus allowing them to rebudget her abilities in a way that's better for the overall game.


  • Isolation now has the category VisionRemoval. Just like Sylvanas, the trigger checks for the unit not to have Vision Removal to apply it.


  • Self Destruct's damage got recoded. Instead of doing Near-Medium-Far damage, it now does an interpolation. The closest units are hit for 1200, while the furthest units are hit for 400 at 10 range. Basically the damage done will be now 1200-Min(Distance*80,800).
  • So how much is this a nerf? Near damage went from 1200 (0-4 area) to 1200-880. Medium damage went from 800 (4-7 area) to 880-640 and far damage went from 400 to 640-400 depending on the distance. So it's technically a nerf to near damage, a small nerf to medium damage and a buff to far damage.
  • Crash Course got a ton of extra code, specifically so that if you use Q->E now the bumps add to your token. This is to fix a long standing bug with completing the talent while doing the explosion.


  • Wrecking Ball interaction with hook changed. Instead of validating hooked targets it checks for ally/enemy displacements immunity. I think this is just to make wrecking ball still do a little bit of damage on hooked targets.


  • His Dodge was added to the "hero not blinded and target not evading" code, making it "dodge" more abilities that happened with autoattacks.


  • Harvest life got reworked. Instead of it being a different number it's now a multiplicative multiplier that's shown as a crit.


  • Riptire damage got reworked. Just like Dva's damage. Damage is now 775-Min(Distance*50,300) in a 6 radius.
  • Near damage went from 775 (0-1.5 area) to 775-700, Medium damage from 625 (1.5-4 area) to 700-575 and far damage went from 475 (4-6 area) to 575-475. Unlike Dva, this one isn't as skewed since the near radius is 25% instead of 33%, making the nerf a little bit lower.


  • Here are the changes.
  • Personal Opinion: Trying to fix the unhealthiness of Lucio is damn good. This tries to downplay the effect of him and a party wide speed boost, since for some reason Blizz completely undervalues the budget of mobility and then are forced to overnerf the characters just to have them have way too much power on their mobility alone. Good changes, specially since he now has a second heroic. I don't think it's going to be able to compete with Sound Barrier, at least on a competitive level, but looks really good for SoloQ.


  • Containment's Disc category became VisionRemoval. Checks for the target not having a vision removal behavior before applying it.


  • Night Rush's vision removal did the same.


  • The charge stop bug was finally fixed.
  • Victory Rush got recoded. Minions and Monster have a separate trigger now.
  • His Parry was added to the "hero not blinded and target not evading" code, making it "dodge" more abilities that happened with autoattacks.


  • Way too many nonessential changes, everything went from a flat number to a variable now (like for example her W damage scale went from "-0.7" to "$YrelBasicAbilityChannelPercentageScale". It makes the ability to change her numbers much easier, but looking at the code much harder. My guess is that's how they use them inhouse and are changed to flat numbers once they're pushed to ptr or live, and this slipped through the cracks.

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