Heroes of the Storm

5 Games in a row, leaver, afker or turbo inter

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - 5 Games in a row, leaver, afker or turbo inter


Do you have same problem when trying to rank?

Always after i get like 5+ wins in a row, the very next day im getting teamed with ppl that have completly no idea what they are doing. Valla standing in front of her tank autoing without moving and flaming every other person, offlaners that refuse to go to lane and afking all time mid inting 5 times b4 lvl 10 or waveclear/ merc heroes that refuse to do anything of their job and flaming when u tell them to clear or camp. Sometimes it's ktz running into middle of enemy team and then asking every1else to report healer cuz he died. How are those people even allowed into rankeds. there should be like video or tutorial that u have to complete and then pass test cuz its just so frustrating when other players in team just know how to play and what their job is when suddenly they get paired with no brain duo that ints on cd run around the map for no reason doing nothing. Maybe my rank is low but i ranked up like 10+ divisions solo b4 the stupid ass preseason and after that it seems completly unreal to get any ranks. What is wrong with this stormleague match making. Ming that runs into enemy towers on CD cuz teammates died couple times b4 10. One game i had garrosh that said trust me, trust my garrosh and he was crying about enemy teams CC ( he didnt pick 4lvl unstopp) even if they had stitches tank and malf and that were all their CC, he started inting and blaming our heals and dps when he was just going in and dying in 1-2sec with garrosh every fight. I dont want it to sound bad or smth but 75% of my games when i see russian name i know that guy is gonna run into 5 enemies and int all game and 75% of my games with ppl with russian letters in nickname are like this. Today i had couple games with russian lettered names and all of them were loses cuz they idk dont know how to play this game or they just think gonna destroy everything idk and idc(not all of them, once i had very good russian lettered named Maiev that actually knew her hero well so idk what is the rule here but beware of russian lettered named varian, artanis, ktz). Or Varian, varian players are perfect example of how to not play this game. Can we have like educational video or or smth or tutorial how to play rankeds if ur not Dia/ Masters + just to be able to que cuz ranking now is impossible. Maybe people should go play League of Legends to learn what farm or exp or MOBA or anything is. im not even talking about 5 solo quers vs stacks cuz thats disguisting af. Blizz do smth or at least ban those ppl or silence them for full season or idk make them improve or remove ranked tab from their game panel. OR UR SOLUTION IS: JUST GO MAKE 5 STACK AND FARM OTHER SOLO QUERS?


Thats all im super tilted now after getting ranks, game breaks ur neck and tells u: nope ur not gonna rank up full division, u gonna suffer and u gonna regret u even clicked heroes64.exe ( with mephisto vocie and laugh) Its like this since preseason of stormleague and im not the only one with this problem, maybe ranked games should be enabled from lvl idk 500 or more just to avoid that sort of situations when ppl have no clue how to play this game. Blizz l2 having moba game

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